Chapter 8Mature


Too late. “Dammit” I mutter again.  I stared at the door letting my option race through my head 100 miles per second. Iggy’s warning didn’t sound good and I was running on fumes right now. The door creaked ready to splinter under the second set of knocks.

“Come on, we can get out through the back.” I told Taya ignoring the angry look as I pulled her toward the back of the room.

“Like hell, I’m going with you!” She tried to pull way but I griped her tighter.

“Whoever’s out there i-“ 

“In here! This crazy pyro is trying to kidnap me!” she yelled, cutting me off.

The response came in seconds, a rapid burst of gunfire ripping through walls like paper. shoving my hand over her mouth I threw both of us to the floor, in an awkward paired fetal position, her screams muffled under my hand and my teeth grinding together to keep me from doing the same until the spray of bullets ended. The after math was more wreckage then before and a clouds of drywall dust.

I leaned my face in close still covering her mouth, “Stay quiet. Not your friends, Want your book.  Leave Now.” I whispered lifting my hand and pulling her back to her feet before she answered. We moved toward the back in a half crouched run when the door tore off thrown forward. Landing at our feet.

“Where are we supposed to go? There’s nothing back here” Taya yelled seeing the silhouette of a monstrous sized man slipping through the door, gun barrel first. I didn’t stop to see any more of the man.

 “Hold your breath,” I called back sprinting into the back wall. The world faded away to black for only a second reappearing as the woods and my recently stolen black minivan just outside the cabin, through my woozy vision, Taya came through right behind me confusion and fear and maybe some nausea  mixing in her expression,

 “No time to throw up. Get in” I ordered in a whisper opening the back seat.  

“Wait what about the book I can’t just leave it” she tried to hurry off but I tossed her through the now open door into the seat

“I have it on me, now quiet” he whispered harshly, but shouts and heavy grunts were moving toward them. Carson jumped into the driver’s seat twisting the keys in the ignition to rev the car to life.  Throwing it in reverse, his foot slammed the accelerator as the first man turned the corner clipping his side and sending him spinning into the cabin wall.  Carson sped past, crouching low when he heard shots firing again as his hand rummages through the compartment in the armrest. When he felt the cold steel and rubber grip of the little nine millimeter he tossed it in the back seat.

“If there car come after us point and shoot at it until the bullets run out” he ordered taking a turn through some brush into an old fire road he hoped the group chasing didn’t know about. He prepped for quick getaways but he didn’t expect anything this dangerous so fast. How did they even find them?

“Christ. There coming” Taya shouted

Carson looked at the rearview mirror seeing headlight jabbed through the trees a short distance behind.




The End

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