Messed With: Book One of Becoming A Different PersonMature




"What will we do with him?"

"He's not totally useless."

"Yeah he is, Drag."

"We could make him one of us."

"No, he's be clumsy not graceful."

"It was a thought not a suggestion don't be so rude to Yale."

"Yeah, don't be so rude."

"Okay, bye." The sound of slamming doors, hurt his ears. What the..?

He opened his eyes, then closed them when he got a peak. Doctors in white coats. Machines. Nothing like his home in Yellowstone.

"Look Drag, he opened his eyes."

"No he didn't moron, he's still sleeping."

He stuttered trying to tell the guy, Drag, whatever, that moron dude was true. He was awake. Wide awake, in fact, More awake than he had been in years. He stuttered again, but only a moan came out. What had they done?

Drag turned around, had he just heard a moan?

"Moron, did you hear that?"

"What, Drag?"

"The moan. Did you?"


"Well, then." Drag was not stupid and he wasn't imagining things. He was hearing things that Mor wasn't. And he was sure it was the kid.

The kid sturred and opened his eyes, Drag came over and leaned over him. He stared into Drag's gray eyes.

"Hey kid." Drag shaked his shoulder.

The kid nodded.

"You are going to become one of us."

The End

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