"lol, hi sucker. Guess who."

The handwriting was very ugly, it was a guy's. And Anthony had the feeling that he knew who that guy was. It was either Jane's new boyfriend or, the guy who has been picking up on him ever since he started dating with Jane. The fool's name was Max, Max Gerald.

"Hmm.. who is the asshole who wrote that?" A guy from behind said as he leaned on Anthony's back. Anthony turned around and saw his bestfriend, Mitch Davidson, who turned out to be behind him by the time he read the note. Anthony was already in a bad mood and being surprised by Mitch made it worse. "Get off!" He demanded. Mitch is the kind of person who wouldn't care if the person is mad, or to make it sound a little better, he's not the empathetic kind. Instead, he's the 9Gager who loves to troll and annoy people. "So, U mad?" He tried to copy the troll meme but it was futile, he looked nothing but a fool. It was indeed on purpose for he was trying to make Anthony laugh but, it was a failure. "You don't say, asshole!"Anthony went away, crumpled the note and threw it to Mitch.

"Come on! Don't be so mad!" He raced towards Anthony. "There's a new club nearby!"

"Not interested."

"Free drinks?"

"A few bottles will do. Got your ID with you?"

"Got it. Off we go, asshole."

The End

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