"Mom, I'm sorry but, I can't take this anymore! My whole life feels like crap! I mean, you're being so mean to me and Jane just broke up with me a minute ago. Mom, even you wouldn't want to live in that situation! Don't worry Mom *sniffs* I've thought about this months before I pressed the record button. You guys will be happier without me so there is actually no need to say sorry. I love you Mom, goodbye."

Rose heard a gunshot before the recording ended. The recorder dropped from her hand and she rushed towards Anthony's room in a panicked walk and banged Anthony's door. 

"Anthony, get your ass over here now!"

There was no response.

"Then who the hell pressed the stop button? Mickey?!"

Oh, Mickey is their dog, but Anthony treats it like a teddy bear. He sleeps with it at night and in the morning, he would usually find himself soaked with Mickey's urine and for his unluckiest days, Mickey's crap. But Anthony could deal with Mickey better than he could with his life.

"Fine, fine! I'm coming now, you happy?!" Anthony answered from his room and cursed under his breath. He took his towel and went out of his room and his mom hugged him before he could leave his room. "Don't feel so bad about it."

"Gee, thanks." The sarcastic Anthony said and rushed towards the bathroom. It was their first day in senior high, and he had to meet his girlfriend or rather, ex-girlfriend Jane and her new boyfriend Jacob again.

When he arrived in his school, he found a note lying in his locker.

The End

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