Part 2

        The decision to abort her baby was easy for her. Jill didn’t have any money, she was a 19 year old high school graduate working at Benny’s fish and stuff, she didn’t have what it takes to raise a baby, and she couldn’t imagine herself trying.

            "Mamma, I need some money." Jill whispered.

            "Money for what?" her mamma asked. "Money to get rid of the bastard child you got in ya?  Jill I ain’t got that kind of money, and I don’t think you should get rid of that baby." Her mamma snapped.

            "Mamma, if you won’t give it to me, I’ll ask my daddy, I ain’t got no business raisin a baby mamma." Jill pleaded.

            Jill’s mamma gritted her teeth "Jill, you know your daddy ain’t here, I done told you he got run over by a train." she said.

            "Yeah mamma, a brunette train with long legs and no morals, I know my daddy ain’t dead, if he was you would have told me more about him.”  Jill said. Jill’s Aunt Lilly had told her that her Mamma had been left by her college sweetheart for some lawyer but the subject of her daddy was always a touchy one.  Her Mamma had never even given Jill his name. 

            "Get out." Her mamma said standing.

The End

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