Merry Christmas!

Meet the crew

“I hate colds,” sobbed Santa. “I don’t like delivering presents. It’s too cold.” Santa began to cry, and his tears turned to ice as they rolled down his cheeks.
 “Oh!” he moaned. “I know, Roody Toots. You don’t want to go either.”
In fact ‘Rudy Toots’ was fuming. “THE NAME IS RUDOLPH,” he bellowed. “I am fed up to the back teeth with being dragged out to give kids’ goodies, EVERY BLOOMIN’ WINTER.”
“You’re hungry?” enquired Santa, drying his tears. As you have probably guessed (if you haven’t then you are stupid), Santa could not understand a bray, whinny or bellow that came from Rudolph’s mouth.
“NO, you whingeing snot bag, Rudolph whinnied impatiently. As you have probably guessed (if you haven’t then you are even more stupid), Rudolph could understand every single whinge, moan and snivel that came from Santa’s mouth.
“I HATE SNOW! My tail fluff is covered in ice, I can’t feel my ears they’re so cold. And.......
“Ok Rudogy Podgy. I you want to go early, then that’s fine with me,” Santa sniveled.
The thing was that Santa thought that he could understand what Rudolph said. After a while Rudolph usually gave up.

“I give up,” snorted Rudolph, twitching his ears.

The End

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