My long dark teal hair flowed behind me as I swam around the ocean. My tattered dark green tail flipping as I swim, my sharp green eyes locked on my target. I stopped swimming and hid behind a large rock. I peeked out from behind the rock, my sharp teeth showing. As I was about to attack a loud noise scared away my prey. I growled and swam up to the surface. 

I watched as a family pulled up in their car and got out, the family consisted of a mother, father a boy the age of 12 and a small girl around the age of 3. "Daddy, daddy! Can I go out in the water?," The girl hopped up and down. " Sure, Megan just don't go too far," The father answered. 

I watched, Megan looked delicious. I licked my lips, Megan went back to the car and got out a small doll, it was a mermaid with long black hair and a green tail. Megan walked to the shoreline and walked out a couple feet, she splashed in the water happily. I dived down into the water and came back up, I made myself look like her doll, peach colored skin, long straight black hair, and a shiny light green tail. 

I climbed up on top of a rock and slapped my tail on it, making sure I got her attention. Megan looked up from the water and saw me, her eyes immediately lit up. She gasped, " Look, Look a mermaid!." Her parents didn't even make a sound, they just kept getting water toys ready. Megan stomped her foot in protest and turned back toward me. 

"Megannnnn, Megannnnnn, come here sweetheart," my sweet voice called out. As if she was hypnotized, she started walking out into the water. I dove in and started swimming towards her. I grinned. 

Megan got up to the point where the water was up to her neck. She stopped, I grabbed her and swam slowly away. She rubbed her eyes and looked at me, "You're beautiful," she exclaimed. 

I giggled, "Thank you, do you want to become a mermaid too," I asked. 

Megan nodded. 

"Okay then close your eyes," I whispered.

She closed her eyes and smiled. 

I emerged her entire body under the water, she kicked and screamed for help. Her parents never even looked up from what they were doing. Soon Megan stopped kicked and went limp. I smiled and dove down under the water, I ripped off her arm and ate happily, the blood spread everywhere. A couple sharks came and tore her body apart, her organs went all over the place, some floated to the top. 

I heard Megan's mother calling out her name. I poked my head out of the water to see the organs floating towards Megan's mom. She gasped in horror, so did the rest of the family. Her mother cried out and fell to her knees as the bloody organs washed up onto the shore. 

The End

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