Merlin's Legacy

Cain and Avira are the twin children of the once great wizard Merlin. They've spent their enitre lives living just outside a small village, trying to survive in the post-Arthurian times. Then a boy around their age comes into their lives and like their father, shines light on their destinies.....


Everyone knows the tales of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. From when the wizard Merlin trained Arthur as a boy so that he could pull Excalibur out of the stone and become king, right up until his death on the battle grounds where he fought Mordred. These, and all the stories are the ones being told around camp fires across the lands by bards and storytellers alike today. They'll probably continued to be told until they are nothing but apart of an old legend, instead of apart of history. However, aside from the few mistakes that have occurred due to being told by many over the years, the love, magic, heroics and betrayals of the tales are true. But it's not my intention to tell you these stories. As I have said, everyone knows them well enough already. There is no need to add me to the long list of those that do. No, my story is the one of what happens after that. The one that was forgotten by the bards and storytellers. For even though Camelot had fallen, it's people still survived and had to live on. A king had stepped in and taken Arthur's place and has been residing on the throne since. He was not as kind to his people, raising taxes and taking what he thought was owed by force. Many families lost their homes, grew sick and died. The land, once ruled by a shining beacon, plunged into darkness. That is where my story begins. For what use is a hero if there is no one to be saved?

I just wish that the hero of this tale wasn't such a bloody prat.

The End

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