Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was vacant space. Vastness, darkness, nothing more.
He floated there, an ethereal body with shimmering opaque skin and deep black eyes. He saw nothing, there was nothing to see, he felt nothing, there was nothing to feel. All was darkness and silence.

Colors bumped and slammed into each other. The light dimmed and then intensified. She sat there pulling the folds of her gown around her brown skin. Another light flashed and more colors collided, she swung her head around undoing one of the long white braids. She closed her eyes, the black points in the center of the white orbs were sensitive to the light. Her world flashed and exploded around her. Pain assailed her, bright, thunderous flashes of pain.

He was aware of a change in his surroundings. A pinpoint of white. He stared into the dark emptiness. Maybe it was his imagination but, what did he imagine?

There it was again, he was sure. This time he knew he'd seen it. A disturbance, something foreign, something that was not supposed to be. In the distance, it began to grow, it began to spread towards him. He wasn't afraid, more curious than anything. The light touched the edge of the darkness.

She saw the welcoming dark, and flew towards it. She reached out her hand and touched it. It was cold, deep, just what she wanted.. no, just what she needed. She went deeper.

The light merged into the darkness, black and white came together, colors sucked up the darkness, darkness cooled the exploding light. The light washed over him. The dark enveloped her.

Pounding heart beats, sharp intaking of breath. He buried his head in her neck, she intwined her fingers in his hair.
It was almost too much, they had to pull back, each one giving the other free reign for a time. Each being dominant in their own time..

And that is how it was with Night and Day..

The End

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