Mercy In Darkness

After listening to this song , The idea for this story just came into my head about a christian pilgrim being captured and hearing but not seeing his jailer. It is rarely explored this period of time which made it all the more appealing to me .

He opened his eyes to view the darkness which covered the dungeon where he was being held. There was not even a small window to let in even a miniscule speck of light. However, the darkness within his cell was nothing compared to the heat. The pure, un-ending heat. Heat that could drive a man to insanity within days. A heat that could only come from one place on earth, The Holy Land. He had come on this pilgrimage with his wife and daughter, intending on being blessed by the head priest within the newly reconquered Jerusalem. He put his head in his hands, remembering their screams of horror and pain as they had been cruelly put to the sword by the ambushing Islam horsemen as he had been carried away. He had not been able to cry for a few days despite the constant memories and nightmares replaying his loved ones being killed again and again. He had run out of tears many nights before. Suddenly, he heard the metal barred door of the dungeon creak open. Reaching out into the smothering darkness, a single word escaped his bone dry lips. “Mercy”. Like a viper striking at its prey, a gloved hand spat out of the darkness and grabbed his throat. A voice with a strong Arabic accent pierced the smothering darkness. “Mercy? Where was mercy when your infidel soldiers burned down the great Mosque with all the Imam’s inside?  Where was Mercy when you made us watch as you raped and murdered our wives and daughters? Where was Mercy when you tied our wounded warriors down to the ground in front of the Holy City and made us all watch and listen to their screams for water? Where was Mercy when...?” Stopping itself from listing another crime, the voice let go of the man’s throat and walked back towards the cell door. Stopping just on the threshold of the cell, the voice spoke again “No, my Christian friend, there will be no mercy in the darkness for you”. And with that, the door clashed shut, leaving the man alone in the burning heat and the smothering darkness.

The End

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