Prologue - Blake -

The beginning of a 40 chapter narrative, I'm trying my hand at writing a novel! Hope you enjoy, and PLEASE BY ALL MEANS give me suggestions on how to make it better :)
I'm aiming for 2 chapters a week.
The plot DOES NOT contain any sex scenes but there is some graphic portrayal of violence later on. Those chapters will be tagged as such.




Losing your memory is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, that didn't happen to me.  

In some ways, living with your memories is worse than having none at all. People long to forget things all the time; young love turned sour, the horrors of war that have permanently branded themselves on the soldiers brain, I have even heard of people wishing to have a portion of their memories removed simply so that they can experience their favorite book or movie again for the first time.  

Contrary to popular belief, the main occupation of a bartender is not to mix the perfect alcoholic beverage, but rather to supply the patrons of the building with liquid memory loss tailored to each individual's preference.  

If I had the choice, I would forget the look on her face as I held her, bleeding, in my arms. This is the image that haunts me.  

Curious isn't it? The things that have the most affect on us? It isn't the betrayal or the treatments, or the death I remember most about M.E.R.C.Y., it's the way she looked at me as the heat left her skin and her body began to stiffen in my arms. It's the look on her face as her eyes lost their light and her gaze shifted from focused and clear to distant and hazy. This is what haunts me. Trust me on this, it is truly the stuff of nightmares.  

Proceed with caution, and don't say I didn't warn you. 

The End

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