The man in the red bandana walks into the room with me. He nods in my direction, I nod back.

"How was your morning?" He asks me, I heard little care in his voice. It sounded more like he wanted something from me.

"Good," I lie.

"Don't lie to me." He says, anger undertoning his response. "You get three gifts from one demon, imagine how many I have with twenty-four!" A demon begins to materialize in the kitchen, and it runs at me with amazing speed. Then with impossible strength it grips my throat and lifts me up, pounding me into a cupboard. "You think about what you tell me," He says, calming down. "Lie to me again, and it'll be a little more rough for you."

Within seconds, the demon dematerializes and I fall to the floor. I look up at him, and see his eyes are blood red.

"I had trouble walking, it felt as if the demon was trying to walk for me." I say, frightend.

"Good, that's the truth." He says as he turns around and leaves, then he pauses, as if thinking. "Hey," he says, turning to me, "I want you to go to town today and steal some food." Then he leaves.

I shiver at the thought, I've never stolen in my life. But, I'm frightend of what will happen if I don't. I get up and head outside.

I walk around for a bit, trying to find something easy to steal. Then I see a cartfull of apple that someone left alone. I run up and start grabbing several apples when a guard sees me. He looks fearsome with the sign of the kingdom on his helmet, a cross. I grab about 10 apples then I turn and start running. In fact, I seem to run faster than ever, as the world begins to fade around me. Before I even know it, I'm back at the house. I run through the door and go to the kitchen. There I unleash my bounty.

"What happened?" I heard a voice ask.

I turn and see the man with the red bandana, "I grabbed some apples and a guard saw me. So I ran, but I seemed to run faster than normal. Like I was running at some super speed."

He nodded with some form of understanding. "I see, very well then, we've found your third gift, running real fast. You can do it again tomorrow." After he says this he walks away.

I sigh and slide down to the ground and I begin to cry. Cry about this whole situation I'm in. It almost seems like working for the capitol would be better than this. Unfortunately, I have to stop crying, for fear that the man will the red bandana, we'll call him Red, would find out.

The End

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