Learning to Walk Again

I put my foot down on the ground, only to feel as if I have two legs. I look down, and see one. I put my other foot down and get the same strange feeling. I attempt to stand up, only to fall back onto the bed.

"Crackers." I mutter, "Ok, guardian, demon, whatever you are that is inside me, I need a little co-operation here. So, please follow my tread."

Then, I hear a dark voice in my head speak, "OK."

I put both my feet down, and it feels normal, I stand up and waddle towards the door. After I open the door I then walk into this hallway. And after a few minutes, I manage to go into the kitchen and make a bowl of cereal. However, I still don't trust myself to balance a bowl of cereal, so I eat it on the counter.

The End

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