Demons? Or Guardians?

I awaken in a soft, luxurious bed. I look around and see the man with the red bandana standing by the door.

"Hello," I weakly murmur.

"Do you feel different?"

I grab my forehead, "Yeah."

"That's the guardian inside you."


"Yes, the one you saw enter you."

I shudder at the thought, "Why would a guardian hurt so much?"

"What thing of great value ever came of a small cost?"

"Whatever, what do you want?"

"To know what your guardian has blest you with."

"Blest me with?"

"Yes, a trio of gifts, given to you, that your king would've denied you." He paused, then spoke again, "What did you mean when you asked me about the red orbs around me?"

"Well, there are red orbs floating around you."

"How many?"

"I don't know, a little over 20 maybe?"

"Good guess, 24."

"What are they?"

"The guardians I have within me. Their presence surrounds me. Anything else."

"Nope, not really."

"What if I hold up this cloth!"

On the cloth was drawn a symbol, at first I didn't know it, then its meaning suddenly came to me.

"That's the sigil of Astaroth!"

"Wonderful, we've found two."

We tried a bunch of tests to get the third one, but it seemed to be hidden from us.

"Hmm, no bother," he said, "All things will be revealed in time."

And with this he stood up, and left the room.

The End

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