Greg and Max grab me by my arms and pull me along into a room covered by a curtain, we enter.I noticed the curtain had a symbol on it, but I didn't know what it was.

After I looked around, I already felt uneasy. There were lit black candles all around the room, and in the center of the room, on the floor, was drawn an interesting sign. It looked like a pentagram with different symbols and shapes inside it.

Then, I hear the curtain rustle behind us. I turn and see thirteen men come through, and the last one is wearing a red bandana, then he speaks.

"Welcome here, all of you, to the rebel hideout. It has taken you much time to work your way here and to earn our trust. Now, you become one of us. Everyone, look at the candle in the center of the pentagram."

I turn to look and see a candle there that I didn't notice before. Then, I hear chanting around me, and the man with the red bandana speaking, then things get foggy, and then black.

While I lie on the floor, I see shapes, beings, no creatures materialize. They have mottled skin, and uneven limbs. They are massive, huge and strong. Then, to my horror, one looks at me. It decides that it wants me, and it comes closer. I try to move, but I'm paralyzed. I try to scream, but I'm mute. Then, it shoves one claw filled hand into my stomach, I scream, and it works. The bloodcurdling scream from the pain I feel screeches through the room. Then, this... this... this demon slowly opens the wound larger and larger, so that it can enter me. I scream, this pain was excruciating! Yet there was no escape, I wouldn't black out, I had to experience this pain for the rest of my life. I was obviously in Hell, or so I thought.

But then, after the demon entered me, I blinked and there was no pain. I quickly moved my arms to my stomach, to find no wound. I stood up, afraid of what just happened, when I turned to the man with the red bandana, but there are strange red floating orbs around him.

"What just happened!?" I scream at him, "What are those things floating around you!? I want out, let me go!"

He grabs me and stares at me, "Sleep."

I feel drowsy, and then I pass out.

The End

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