A story of a man going the wrong way and doing all the wrong things only to go back to the very King he betrayed.

It rains as I walk down the street, other commoners passing me. They don't know, and neither do I. They think I'm one of them, but I'm not.

I turn down a corner and into a dark alley, I walk along it and stop infront of a door you wouldn't see unless you were looking for it. I knock six times, the door opens.


"Susej." I say coldly, beneath my black hood.

"Correct, come on in." He opens the door wide and I enter.

I up the stairs into the candlelit room and see my friends, the only friends I knew. When this kingdom tossed me aside they found me, they showed me what I could be. They taught me to train my anger, to control my emotions, they taught me what it meant to be strong.

"Welcome, friend, we were beginning to wonder if you were comming or not." Greggory spoke for the group.

"I got held up, sorry."

"It's OK."

"So, today is the day?" I look up at them with expectancy.

"Yeah, today is the day, come with us."

Greg and Max grab me by my arms and pull me along into a room covered by a curtain, we enter.

The End

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