The Guy with the Glasses, The Girl with the Grey eyes and The Lady in BlackMature

Paint splashed all over her clothes as her palette slipped from her hand.
‘How many times Knox? Stop opening my door like that!'
He ignored her frustration and dashed over to her moving masterpiece. He stood, simply absorbed, like he was watching an extraordinary film. Diesel, her faithful Alaskan husky, had woken from the front of her bed and looked up at her canvas, him too in awe.
‘Whoa. You are an incredible painter little sis, seriously. What's with the war this time?'
‘I have no idea,' She answered. ‘but it's incredible, isn't it?'
He nodded, unable to take his eyes from it. When it finally stopped, ending with what she'd originally painted, he stood over her, placing his hands on her shoulders and glaring into her eyes.
‘How's baby?' he asked. Her hand moved to her stomach.
‘Baby's fine.' She answered. He smiled that familiar smile that mirrored her fathers.
‘ know I love you-'
‘-What do you want Knox?'
‘Could you get me some fags from Macy's? Please? You know the roads better than I do, and I've got a class tomorrow.'
She sighed, picking up her ruined palette and cleaning herself up.
‘Why can't you get them yourself? Or Wilfred? You're 21 years of age, we've been here for over a year and you can speak French too!'
‘But Wilfred's in bed and you speak it better than I do, please please please?' He pleaded, giving her his sympathetic face.
Well, she did need some fresh air, and even though her brother was a lazy bastard she knew she would end up going for him anyway. Moving from England had confused him again, she thought. Plus he'd probably start blaming it on his epilepsy if she refused.
‘Fine. But they've got to last you at least until mom comes back.'
He rejoiced, kissing her on the forehead and leaving her to dress for her journey. Gray would never know how significant that dream was.
‘Hey Blake, you're supposed to be looking out for someone so we can feed, remember?'
‘Yeah...I'm really hungry...what kind of an escort are you?'
Trying to guide two drunken women to a car was proving too much to handle and it was worse as he only had Zephr with him. They just kept swaying and falling, and if they even attempted to pick them up they'd scream.
‘Yeah, we don't bother...' Slurred Aevah.
Though Blake was regretting letting them pick him up from the airport (in a car that Patience had kindly bought him) he did offer to take them out for his comeback. He just didn't think they would get drunk so easily. Phoebe looked the worst of the two; her dress strap had fallen to her shoulders, her tights were ripped and her hair was all over the place. He'd even found long strands of dark brown hair all over his blazer, along with smudged purple lipstick and pink eyeshadow.
‘Blake! Blake Blake Blake Blake!' She shouted, sounding more French than Russian.
They both burst into a fit of laughter whilst Zephr struggled to keep from falling into the road. Where was Vince when you needed him?
‘No! Don't call my brother...I will muurrderr you!' Said Aevah, grabbing Blake by the throat.
‘I will if you don't stop fidgeting!' He said to her, removing her hand from his throat. ‘And stop reading my mind!'
‘I want to feeeed!' Said Phoebes.
He sighed. Impatient as they were he too needed to feed. To their disappointment the streets were deserted, so there was little chance of anyone being alone. However to the right, a group of students were walking into the park on the other side of the road. Blake wouldn't have done this normally but in these circumstances, risks had to be taken.
‘Zeph, take them to the car. I'm going to get us a meal.'
Zephr was struggling as it is with Phoebe let alone the two of them. But it had to be done.
‘Are you crazy? I won't make it out alive if you leave me with both of them!'
‘Just hurry. I'll meet you there. Use force if you need to just take them!'
Blake hurried on towards the park, walking from a distance against the group. ‘It shouldn't take long, not if was fast' he thought. Aevah's screams rang through the night as he was about to advance on the unfortunate group, however there proved to be something else in front of his pursuit that stole his attention. A scent so uncanny swirled around him, filling his mind with pleasure and confusion as it was both luxurious and seemed untouchable at the same time. He would have had to say there and then that he'd never smelt a scent like it before. It happened to be coming from a girl, perched on a bench beside the river, smoking quietly and ignoring the loud conversations going on around her. An angel amongst the average. This chance was just too good to miss, and so Blake abandoned the students, going straight towards her.
She was getting up to leave. There was his cue. Well it would have been, except his mind had stopped in its tracks due to the unusual sight of this already intriguing girl.
She was a slim figure, incredibly attractive, quite tall, wearing a very long military coat cut in strips up to the hips; black with gold buttons to match her gold-laced skirt and heels. Her hair was awfully long and thick, falling down to her waist; the natural crimson colour of it outstanding in the street light. Her lips were full, topped off with a radiant smile. Blake's concentration was forever lost, but eventually he managed to turn on his French accent.
‘What is a girl as beautiful as you doing in a park alone at this hour?'
Gray jumped, immediately turning around to see someone leaning casually against the lamp-post ahead, hand in pocket and wearing a smile. A smile that was both charming and concealing.
She stood. At a first glance he looked about twenty-three and more than handsome, she had to say. He was formally dressed in a shirt, waistcoat and tie; his blazer slung over his shoulders and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Whether it was the way the light of the lamp-post shone on him or whether his skin was really that pale she couldn't be sure. Most of his black hair hung on the left side of his face, where, again from what Gray could gather in the light, he had thick square glasses over his eyes. He was staring right at her, and so she began to answer his question.
‘A girl as beautiful as me has a lot on her mind. And what would your excuse be, monsieur?'
He stood now, walking closer towards her with the same mischievous smile.
‘So I'm not deceived. Your eyes really are...extraordinary.'
‘Charming as well as handsome', she thought. Under his glasses lay curious dark navy eyes. She now smiled, strangely unable to keep her eyes off him.
‘Merci beaucoup. May I ask your name, monsieur?'
‘It is Blake my beautiful lady, and how lovely to make your acquaintance.'
He took his gloved hand in hers and kissed it so softly; his lips sent a chill through her sleeve.
‘And may I ask mademoiselle for hers?' Blake said, still holding her hand and cocking his head to one side.
She couldn't help but blush. He was so close to her face that her heart was beating double than what it should be.
‘Gray, monsieur Blake.'
‘Ah' He said kissing her hand once more. ‘Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl.'
She was becoming feverish from him being so close. She had to turn her face away from his, but he gently moved it back.
‘Now why would mademoiselle want to turn her beautiful face away from appreciation...?'
Gray's mouth opened and stayed open. She didn't question who he was or what he was doing. She was simply speechless. Blake continued to stare deep into her eyes, until his head darted towards the smashing of a car window that broke the silence. He seemed distracted, but, unexpectedly, he pulled her close until Gray could feel his breath in her ear.
‘Unfortunately, I must leave now. But I will hope to see mademoiselle again soon. Adieu.'
He took one last look into her eyes and, as if satisfied with that, he walked off, leaving her standing there with a grin on her face, completely awestruck. He had made the impression of a nice guy and reminded her of her ex-boyfriend, Zak. She'd turned around to catch another glimpse at him, but to her surprise he'd disappeared. ‘He wouldn't be doing that if he found out I was 3 months pregnant' she wondered.
Gray made her way home through the dusky streets with a smile still stuck to her face, wondering if she would ever see him again.
Turning a corner onto ‘Rue le Roi', a woman dressed in a black hooded cloak fit to her frame stood in the middle of the path. Glossy burgundy hair framed her round face and drained the colour from her skin, but she bore a warm smile on her cherry lips.
‘Hello, Gray.'
Olive eyes fixed onto Gray's. She had a soft voice and seemed friendly enough, but how did she know that Gray would be there? There was a certain look in her eyes that suggested that she'd known her for a really long time. Maybe she was some friend of her mother's or something due to her very high prestige, which would explain her being English. How could she though? Gray had never seen her before in her life.
‘Can I help you?-'
‘You look so much like your mother, and yet, that element of your father is clearly visible.'
An expression of confusion swam across Gray's face.
‘Who are you?' She asked her.
They were face to face now, and as she stared at her, strange glimpses of her mother made themselves clearer. Like her eyes were in the same place, her nose was only a little smaller, and her forehead also the same. Could she be a relative of some sort? No, of course she couldn't. Both of her parents were orphans. As far as Gray was concerned this was getting too weird for her liking.
‘You don't know me yet, but you will soon. And you will be ready.'
The lady put a hand on her shoulder, smiled broadly and then walked around the corner. Gray stood there, completely baffled at her words, and then decided to run back to ask her what in God's name she was talking about, but as soon as she turned the corner she was nowhere to be seen. Hmm. ‘Two mysterious people in one night was enough for me I think'.
Gray was turning into Rue le Couture now; a little street bearing only two large houses. She opened the big black gates and walked down the gravel path, leading to the cream house on the left. As she neared her door however a surge of pain suddenly hit her insides, making her heave a little. She clutched my stomach and shrieked in agony. What was going on? Her stomach felt fit to burst and things started blurring around her. She'd just opened her door and managed to get into the hall when her whole body simply gave up completely, and she hit the marble floor head first.

The End

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