A woman uses a cruel punishment to display her unusual powers.

She was tall and elegant, curved and beautiful - the very essence of femininity. Her hair was long and smooth, a dark brown with soft curls bouncing all of the way down her back. Her skin was a milky white, her eyes the lightest blue. She had high cheekbones, protruding slightly, and full pink lips. Her robes of silk covered almost every inch of skin; only her fine collarbones peeked out from the shimmering waves of fabric.

She raised her right arm professionally, pulling back her robes to the elbow. Her dress began to wriggle and a gleaming blue serpent, part of the robes and yet wholly separate, started to appear. The silk creature wound around her bare arm and seemed to have no end, continuing down to her toes. 

Suddenly it broke free of the dress and turned into a stream of water, slithering up into her open hand. She leaned forward and kissed it with those fantastic lips. It gave her a wet lick with its water tongue and she smiled happily.

"Isn't he sweet?" she asked me, without a glance in my direction.

"Yes, ma'am."

She moved slowly down to her knees and released the serpent on the floor before rising again. It slithered over to the young man on the ground, who had been watching fearfully the entire time. He backed against the wall to escape the snake, but the room was too small.

It ran up his leg and he began to pull and hit at the beast, but his hands splashed right through and the serpent was unharmed. It crawled into his mouth despite his scratching and tearing. His face was bloody and bruised. When it crawled down his throat, his eyes bulged in terror and pain.

I turned away as the man coughed and choked and cried out. It was the longest single minute of my life.

"That is what happens to traitors. Bring your son's body to the morgue." 

I bowed and went to retrieve his corpse. The snake slithered out of his mouth and back to its mistress. At that moment I knew I would be the one to strangle the life out of her. I never had a gift for prophecy, but of this I was sure.

And when that day came to pass, it was the best single minute of my life.

The End

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