Jarod? thats me.

Banging my head on this wall. Starts to hurt after erasing the numbness. Or is that the other way around? I don't know how long they're keeping me in this time. And can't remember what landed me here. All I know is I gotta get out. I think I've still got day release privilages.

The nurse is staring at me. Maybe I should say something.

"I wanna go out."

"Where did you want to go?" The nurse looks at me with ridicule.

"None of your ***king business!"

She smiles, happy to have p*ssed me off. "With that attitude, you're not leaving."

F***! Stupid B***h. I see her go off to write up some notes about me. I need a smoke but don't know where I left my last packet. I see John opening a pack of Marlborro's in the smoking room. My Marlborro's. I go up to hi...

I can hear Dr Devitt, I look up. It's ward round again. I feel buzzing at the edges, Dr DeVitt is asking me something. I want to tell him to shove it, spit in his duplicitous face. I hear a mumble leave my lips. Damn these drugs what've they given me this time?

The End

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