Mentality Reality

Hee hee...It's amazing what people will say when they think your insane. When they think your not all there. Which, by the way, is completely wrong. WE are more than all there. It's just more interesting in here than it is out there. They are doing it right now. Listen.

  "Dr. DeVitt, thank you for coming. Your expertise should help us immensly. The situation with this patient is becomeing more complex every day. He's been checked in here a number of times spanning from childhood to adulthood, with  increasing mental instability each time. Here is his file. Our current diagnosis is that he suffers from Severe Dissosiative Identity Disorder...."

  Multiple personalities. ha ha. Bravo. Good show doctors. It's been how long and thats all you got. I would clap if i had hands.

  "...and we have been able to determine six distinct personalities, each with thier own set of behavioral and social markers..."

 Wrong. Theres more, they just arent looking hard enough. But your out there arent you?

   "...however he seems to be develop these personalities while under treatment. We are at a loss doctor."

     "Thank you doctor Vanier. I'd like to keep him under observation for awhile as well I'd like to run...."

They always do that. Walk away as they're talking. I don't care, not really, but it's rude. You'd think after eight years of school they would have learned to be polite.

   I shall endeavor to be more courteous to you. You've been asleep for some time, but your awake now, and I can sense you, somewhere in this mess. I wish to speak with you. Allow me to intruduce myself to us. Our name is Carl, I think. Thats what people call me the most so we will go with that. Since we were twelve we have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. Makes us nervous to be around others, apparantly. Everyone was okay with said diagnosis until we tried to kill Laura, our sister. Not me. But another...awareness. I named him Jarod. You might recall that day. Jarods rage and insanity woke you all screaming, terrified he might succeed in killing our precious sister. Most of you hid and fell asleep again. And now your all waking up. Hee hee. The doctors are going to be so irritated.

  You should know that Jarod is still alive, somewhere in this mental maze we call home, and he wants me dead. That okay, I want him dead too, but i can't find him. That's why i'm always watching, waiting. In here. hee hee. I wanted to know what a fine situation we are in. This is not a game for me. I want to see you. ha ha hee hee. you should show yourself to me. But know that I was here first. Think of me as the senior partner, and if you abide by what i want we will be great. If you dont agree, I will make you submit, and if i can't I will kill you. snicker. And if you hide from me...I will hunt you down.

 Now, Carl, who are you?

The End

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