Chapter 7

 Sasha opened her eyes. Why was she sleeping on her window seat? Her face felt crusted and greasy. She remembered the events of last evening and sighed. She would have to make a quick exit from the house if she wanted to escape David's apology. She glanced at the clock. 9:05. She had slept for a full 17 hours. Sasha couldn't remember a time in her life that she had slept that long. She sat up and yawned. She heard clattering coming from the kitchen then her mothers laugh. They were awake already. Sasha sighed again. This was going to be harder then she thought.

She stood to her feet and threw on some clothes. She chose a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized purple sweater. Then grabbed a pair of flat slouch booties and tucked her jeans into them. She moved to her mirror. Her messy bun was falling out. She had bags under her eyes and her mascara from the day before was smudged making her look emo. She grabbed a makeup towelette and began scrubbing at her face. The makeup came off easily and she then replaced it. She wanted to look her best if she was going to be out on the town all day. She yanked her messy bun out and brushed her hair, straightened it and put it into a low slicked back pony tail. She finished the look with a pair of silver hoop earrings.

She turned around and spotted her phone on the ground where she had thrown it the day before. Sasha scooped it up and noticed 7 missed calls from the day before she viewed them. 3 were from her mother and the other 4 were from Kelsie. She then viewed the 3 text messages. All were from Kelsie. Sasha realized she was frustrated that her friend hadn't left her alone yesterday. She deleted the messages without even opening them, then shoved her phone in her pocket, took a breath and opened the door.

The smell of bacon and pancakes engulfed her. She walked to the kitchen hoping her mother would let her escape. She stood in the doorway to the kitchen waiting for someone to notice her. Her mother was at the stove flipping pancakes. David had just finished pouring orange juice at the counter. He moved behind Rachel and planted a kiss on her cheek then slid his arms under hers and pulled her into him. She laughed and let him kiss her neck. She turned around in his arms and they began kissing passionately. Sasha felt sick to her stomach watching that monster kiss all over her mother and her mother allowing him.

She cleared her throat. The happy couple stopped abruptly and turned to face her.

“Sasha!” Her mother was startled. “I didn't see you there. David's making breakfast.”

“Yeah, it looks like David is making it.” Sasha said sarcastically as she glanced down at the spatula in her mothers hand.

“Well I'm helping.” Her mother laughed nervously.

“Sasha, I've been meaning to talk to you.” David cut in.

“What could you possibly want to talk to me about?” The sarcasm was dripping from every word and Sasha didn't try one bit to hide it. Her mother grabbed a plate of Pancakes and set them on the table.

“Sasha, honey, why don't you take a seat. We have fresh pancakes, bacon, and orange juice.” Her mother said gently as she grabbed a cup of orange juice and set it also on the table.

“I'm not hungry. Besides I have plans with Kelsie this morning.” She lied. “I'm actually running late already. Maybe some other time.” She turned and began walking away.

“Sasha, don't take another step!” Her mother almost shouted. Then calmer “Please come back.” Sasha could hear the desperation in her voice and couldn't stop herself from turning back to the kitchen.

“What do you want?”

“Your father has something he would like to say to you. Now why don't you sit down and listen to what he has to say.”

“That man is not my father,” Sasha said firmly, pointing menacingly. Her jaw was tense and it was taking everything in her not to scream or breakdown and cry...again.

“I know I'm not your father, Sasha. But I do think it's only fair that I apologize for my behavior lately.” He paused waiting for a response but Sasha was still trying to gain control of herself again, so David continued. “My anger has gotten out of control and I haven't been showing the proper love for you or your mother.”

“I don't want your love.” Sasha cut in. Her voice was rough.

“Sasha, please don't be so hard on him, dear. He's trying.” A new anger flooded Sasha. She hated listening to her mother defend him.

“I am really sorry, Sasha. I deeply hope you can forgive me.” David was practically begging.

“Yeah. Whatever.” Sasha snapped “It's fine. Can I go now?”

Rachel and David exchanged glances. Then Rachel nodded.

“You may go.” It was all Sasha needed. She turned and went to the door, grabbing her coat as the door shut behind her.

The cold air struck her face like a knife. Sasha quickly put on her coat and sighed. She stood on the porch thinking. Where would she go? She had said she had plans with Kelsie but she didn't. She had to think of something and quick. She suddenly remembered the new coffee shop that had opened up downtown. Sasha reached in her pocket and pulled out her leftover lunch money from the day before. 4 dollars and 93 cents. She crumpled it up and shoved it all back in her pocket then headed down the street to the bus stop.


The bus dropped her off 2 blocks from the coffee shop. Sasha enjoyed the walk. The air was bitter but refreshing. She turned the corner and saw the building. It had the words “The Dainty little Shack” posted in big orange letters above the door. The name fit the building perfectly for it was indeed a 'Dainty little shack'.

Sasha smiled at the cute little building and quickened her steps realizing how close she was to her destination. She flung the door open and stepped into the warm room. The place was close to empty only 3 out of about 15 small 2 or 3 person tables were filled. The tables were scattered around the room and there was a counter at the far side. Sasha walked to the counter and began placing her order.

“Can I have a Sausage and Cheese Bagel and a.” Sasha paused glancing at the menu. “oh and a large Chi tea with whipped cream.”

“Your total comes out to, 5 Dollars and 1 cent.” The cashier said cheerily. The Cheerfulness made Sasha want to gag. She pulled her money out of her pocket and recounted it. Grief flooded her body she still only had 4 dollars and 93 cents.

“I um.” Sasha paused embarrassed at the situation. She could hear the bells chime behind her as someone entered the building. Now she was holding up the line as well. “I don't have enough money.” She blurted it out.

“Well how much do you have, honey?” Sasha just wanted to punch this lady in the face now. Her smile and happiness was just getting on her nerves.

“Only 4 dollars and 93 cents.” The cashier was about to respond when a hand reached from behind Sasha and placed a Dime on the counter. Sasha swung around and saw Kelsie standing behind her.

“Kelsie I,”

“Don't say anything.” Kelsie cut her off and put her hand up. “Unless it has something to do with why you left school without saying goodbye yesterday and then why you didn't answer my 4 phone calls, 3 texts and facebook message.” She pushed past Sasha and began placing her order. Sasha moved over and waited for her order, dumb founded at her friends rudeness.

Kelsie finished paying and moved next to Sasha also waiting for her order. The best friends stood in an awkward silence for 2 minutes. Until it became unbearable.

“Look I'm really sorry!” Sasha blurted. “I had the worst day yesterday and then the worst morning.” Kelsie's eyes widened and concern flooded her face.

“What happened?”

Sasha could see she had won Kelsie over. Just then Sasha's order was done. She took her tray, grabbed a few napkins then found a seat and waited for Kelsie who joined not a minute later.

“So, what happened yesterday? Kelsie asked again.

“I guess I over exaggerated a bit. It wasn't all that bad.” Sasha took a bite of her sandwich. It was so good. She hadn't eaten anything since lunch at school yesterday. “I just hated listening to everyone talking about that stupid break up yesterday. I guess I kind of felt,” Sasha paused looking for the right word. “Guilty.” Kelsie's face scrunched up in confusion.

“Why on earth did you feel guilty?” She asked as she took a sip of her gingerbread flavored coffee.

“Well because I thought maybe I was the reason Oliver broke up with Melissa. But I know that that isn't true now.”

“Why? What did he say?” Kelsie was really interested now.

“Nothing. That's just it. He didn't respond at all.” Sasha felt more confused now then upset.

“Well maybe he just didn't see it.”

“No, he saw it. That's the beauty of Facebook, you know exactly when someone saw your messages.” Sasha sighed. Then took a long gulp of her chi tea.

“Oh.” Kelsie stopped to think. “Well maybe it's for the better.”

“How did I know you were going to say that.” Sasha shouted. “You know that doesn't' make me feel any better.” Kelsie looked on at her friend stunned at the sudden outburst. “Look I'm sorry, Kelsie. I didn't mean to yell at you.”

“It's okay.” Kelsie reached across the table and grabbed her friends hand. “We don't have to talk about any of it anymore. Why don't we go to the mall and just walk and talk about nothing?”

“That sounds really nice.” Sasha smiled, “Thanks so much, Kelse.” she shoved the last piece of her bagel into her mouth.

“Come on I have the car today.” Kelsie grabbed her friends tray and took it to the garbage. Then came back for her coffee and the 2 left the building arm in arm bound for a fun day at the mall.

The End

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