Chapter 4

Sasha opened her eyes. The house was quiet. She realized she was lying on the ground and sat up. A jolt of pain surged through her body. She flinched remembering what had happened and why she was on the floor in the corner. She glanced at the clock. 2:28 am. She slowly got to her feet and moved to the door. She opened it slowly and peaked out, the house was dark and quiet, no one was around. She tiptoed down the hallway to her Mother and stepfather's bedroom. The door was cracked and the room was dark. Sasha pushed the door open a few more inches to see inside, two bodies could be seen sleeping peacefully in the bed. How could her mother get into the same bed as that monster?

She continued down the hallway and stepped into the kitchen. She was starving. She pulled a TV dinner from the freezer and popped it in the microwave. Then turned back to the refrigerator for something to drink. She saw her father's beer cans and considered drinking one. Maybe if she got drunk the pain would stop. Sasha pulled one out and put her finger on the tab, she was about to pop it open when the microwave beeped. She jumped then quickly put the can back in the fridge and grabbed the milk out instead. She poured herself a cup of milk then grabbed the food out of the microwave and made her way back to her bedroom.

She sat down at her desk, opened her laptop, and pulled up Facebook. She had 2 notifications and a message. She checked the notifications first, Aubrey Stoker had poked her, and Kelsie Whisely had written on her timeline. She ignored both and went to the message.

Sasha's stomach dropped into her shoes and her heart began beating at 5 times it's usual speed. It was from Oliver Stone. She knew if she clicked on it then it would say that it was seen and Sasha wasn't sure if she was sane enough to respond and not sound like an idiot. She X'ed out the page and shut her laptop. She shoveled down the rest of her TV dinner and milk and hopped into bed. She sat completely still and tried to focus on sleeping but all she could think about was how badly she wanted to see what Oliver could have possibly messaged her. After it felt like an eternity of trying to sleep, Sasha threw back her covers, went back to her computer, pulled up Facebook and clicked the message before her instincts could stop her.

It read, “Hey, Sasha. Been thinking a lot about you this week. Can't wait to see you on Monday ;)”

Sasha's heart began racing faster then even before. Could this be real? Maybe she was dreaming. She slowly moved her hands to the keyboard and began typing.

“Hey, Oliver. It's great that you've been thinking about me. I hope I haven't been distracting you from having fun. Lol ;) School has been kind of boring and suckish without you there. Can't wait until Monday!! :)”

She pressed the enter key, slammed her laptop shut and jumped back into her bed. She suddenly realized how short breathed she was. She took long deep breaths trying to slow her heart. Until her eyes became heavier and heavier and finally shut.


“Sasha, Hunny, It's time to get up.” Came Rachel's soft voice, Sasha moaned and rolled over. “Sweetie, you'll be late for school.” Sasha opened her eyes. She pushed back the covers and sat up wincing. Her mother touched a bruise on her forehead.

“Ouch!” Sasha exclaimed and pushed her moms hand away, “Don't touch it, Mom!”

“Sorry!” Rachel couldn't take her eyes off the blue bruise, “Maybe you could just tell people you bumped your head on,” She paused, thinking of a suitable explanation for the bruise, “No, you could say you fell or,” Sasha could hear the fear in her mothers voice.

“Mom,” Sasha cut her off, “Just stop trying to cover it up!” Rachel grew quiet, “ What David did is not cool, why shouldn't I tell someone?” She saw her mothers eyes grow wide. The idea of her daughter telling someone what had occurred last night, really scared her.

“Don't talk like that, Honey.” Rachel brushed her daughters bangs back and smiled, “David was just,” She paused, “Tired.” She nodded contended at her own answer.

“Why are you defending him?” Sasha was becoming upset.

“Because he's my husband and I love him!” Her mother was shouting now, “Don't question my motives, Sasha. I can't just abandon the man I love.”

“So you'd rather abandon me? I'm in pain, mom! Look at this.” Sasha lifted her shirt showing her bruised ribs. A tear crept down her face. Rachel covered her mouth. Sasha could see tears forming in her eyes.

Rachel stood up. “Please don't tell anyone, Sasha. Not yet. I'm just,” She paused, trying to control her voice. “Not ready.”

“You don't have to worry.” Sasha turned her face away and violently wiped at the single tear, “I won't ruin your precious marriage. I just slipped when walking up the front steps and hit my head on a step.”

Her mother nodded, she seemed satisfied with this explanation. “I love you, Sasha.” She bent down and gently placed a kiss on Sasha's cheek, “I'll see you tonight.” She paused waiting for some kind of response from Sasha, then seeing she wasn't going to get one, left the room.

Anger surged through Sasha's body. Her mother was so worried about ruining her marriage but didn't care about ruining her relationship with her daughter. Sasha stood and began dressing herself. She threw on the same Grey sweatpants she had worn the day before, a red sweatshirt and her black sneakers. She let her line straight, blonde hair fall down her back. She threw on some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Then left her bedroom. She threw a waffle in the toaster, gulped down a cup of orange juice, then grabbed the waffle and her backpack and ran out the door.

The End

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