Chapter 3

Don't ever defy me again!” He yelled with a hard kick, then left the room.

5 Minutes passed before Sasha dared move. She could hear him open the refrigerator door, then the familiar pop of the cheap beer can opening. It was his third for the day. She knew that in 10 minutes he would be passed out on the couch, again, then she could go to the bathroom and clean herself up. She tried to sit up a little straighter, a searing pain leapt through her body. He must have bruised a rib.

Sasha could remember the days with her father. Always happy. Filled with laughter and not with fear. It was hard to tell with David whether it was a good day or not. And even days she thought were going to be good could change in an instant to be the worst. His emotions could change in the blink of an eye.

Her father had been her best friend. Her rock. The one she could go to for anything. Until that horrible day, when her mother, Rachel, came into her room, eyes red and puffy from crying, Sasha was just 13 at the time, 'Your father has gone away forever. He went to heaven to be with Jesus.' Rachel had said, as if Sasha was 5. As if she couldn't handle the truth, her father was dead! He had died instantly in a car crash on his way home from work. Sasha's whole world had shattered. She went numb for days, walking as if in a dream. How could she learn to move on if he wasn't there to help her?

She heard her step-father snoring on the couch. She slowly got up, wincing. Her ribs were still hurting. She slowly made her way to the bathroom, being sure not to wake David. She turned on the water for a hot shower and looked in the mirror. She had a small cut on her forehead, a large bruise was starting to form on her left shoulder, and there were a few sore red places scattered across her rib cage and arms. She sighed and hopped in the shower.

How could her life go from perfect to bad to horrible in 2 years? About 2 months after Austin had died, Rachel began seeing guys. She would meet a new guy every week or so, they would go to a couple dinners together then she would realize that he wasn't what she was looking for and she'd dump him. Until she had met David. Things clicked so quickly with them, it's like they knew right from the start that they were meant for each other. He proposed to her after they had been dating for just 2 months and the engagement was only for 3 months. They were married 1 year, 2 months and 3 days after the horrible day when Sasha's father had died.

It was much to fast for Sasha. She hadn't liked any of the men her mother had brought over. She didn't want any man coming into her life and trying to replace her father. No one could ever replace the bond they had made. The first year of David and Rachel's Marriage was a good year. They seemed so happy to be together and Rachel loved having companionship again. Until $300 went missing from the bank David had been working at. All of the facts lead to him being the thief. He was fired before he knew it.

Sasha got out of the shower, got dressed and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. A rustling noise came from the living room. Relief filled her as she realized it must be her mother returning from work. Then that deep voice, it made Sasha’s heart drop into her shoes.

Is that you, Sasha?” Asked her step-father

Sasha took a deep breath, trying to control the fear that she knew would shake her voice, and answered simply, “Yes.”

Did I tell you, you could leave your room?”

No Sir.”

Come here and bring me a beer.”

Sasha’s whole body shook with fear now. She took another deep breath and slowly moved to the refrigerator to grab out a beer, this would be his fourth, then around the corner into the living room where her step-father was sitting up on the couch. He snatched the beer from her, popped it open and guzzled it down. Sasha half way considered running to her bedroom and locking herself in until he calmed down. But she knew it would only make the punishment worse and she didn't like to show weakness. So she stood her ground.

Now let me teach you a little lesson on obedience.” He said as he stood up and began removing his belt from around his waist.

Sasha couldn’t move. Fear gripped every muscle in her body. He didn't pull out the belt very often. A single tear slithered down her face as she realized what was coming.

Suddenly the front door opened and Rachel entered the room.

Stop!” She yelled as she saw her husband standing over her daughter with the belt.

Stay out of this, Rachel.” He calmly replied, “She needs to learn her place in this house.”

He raised the belt up, about to strike. Rachel ran to her husband and grabbed the belt from his hand. His hand flew back and struck her face. Rachel fell to the ground.

Mom!” Cried Sasha she started moving to her mother’s side but David caught her arm and pulled her to her bedroom.

Don’t leave this room until I say otherwise!” He yelled as he threw her in.

Sasha found the corner and pulled her legs into her chest. She remembered the words Kelsie had spoken to her earlier that day, “God loves you, Sasha. And he's always there for you. He's never left your side and he knows what you have faced and what you're about to face. Stay strong!” It's as if Kelsie had known what was coming.

She heard her mother crying out as David hit her. Tears began streaming down Sasha's face.

God, if you're there, make him stop, I just can't...” The tears were choking Sasha as she began sobbing, “Just make him stop! Please!” The cries from her mother finally receded, but she could hear the muffled sound of David yelling at her.

I want out.” Cried Sasha, as the tears flooded down her face.

The End

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