Chapter 2

 The room was Dark. Sasha could hear the T.V. It sounded like a basketball game. She closed the door behind her and peeked around the corner into the living room. A familiar sight greeted her. Her stepfather was sprawled on the couch knocked out from a long days work, a beer in his left hand the remote in his right. Their was an empty beer can on the floor in front of him. The T.V. was turned to some kind of sports station. It was an 'good' day.

Sasha’s step-father, David Greene, worked at a factory. A dark, musty, closed in place. He would leave at 4:15am to be there at 5 o clock sharp. His shift would end at noon and by the time Sasha got home at 2:30 he would be crashed on the couch. Great days he wouldn't have any beer cans at all which these days were becoming more and more scarce. Good days he would have 1 maybe 2. Okay days he'd have 3 or 4 and bad days he'd have 5 or more. Sasha knew better then to wake him, she tiptoed past the living room and down the hallway to her bedroom.

She quietly closed the bedroom door, opened her laptop and typed in the password. She had saved all of her money from her summer job to get it for the school year. Sasha was debating on what she wanted to do. She could do her Math assignment which was due on Monday, but she hated math so that was out. Her history assignment which she loved History, but that wasn't due until Friday so she had plenty of time. She could call her mom and ask about Kelsie's house on Saturday night, but her mom would be home soon and she could ask her then. Sasha was also trying to decide if she even wanted to sleepover tomorrow. She loved the excuse to get out of the house and to hang with Kelsie but if she went it meant that she had to go to church. Sasha was getting kind of tired of the whole church thing. She had been so loyal for months, praying, reading the bible, going to church every week and youth group every Tuesday night, but had her life changed at all? No!

She decided on checking her Facebook. She wanted to see if Oliver had updated his status. Sasha knew that she was obsessed with the guy, but she couldn't help herself. There was just something about him, she couldn't ever get him off her mind. He was mysterious and dangerous. There was just something about his confident attitude that intrigued her. No statuses from Oliver. She had 1 new notification. Someone had sent her a game request.

“Figures!” Sasha scoffed as she closed the page and shut her laptop.

She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the desk with her fists tucked under her chin. There was a picture on her desk behind her laptop in a dark brown frame with the words 'Friends forever' printed in white letters across the bottom. It was a picture of Sasha and her Biological father, Austin. It was taken at a baseball game. They were sitting in the stands, both had blue baseball caps on their heads. Her father was pulling Sasha to him and kissing her on the cheek, her face was scrunched up with a big grin on her face.

Sasha smiled. She could remember the day well. It was her tenth birthday present. He had made her breakfast in bed and slid the tickets to see the New York Yankees game under her orange juice. Sasha had loved baseball when she was in middle school. She had been one of the best players on her team. But after her dad had died, she lost the passion completely. She hadn't picked up a bat in over 3 years.

Sasha heard her stepfather moving around in the living room. He was awake. She snapped out of her thoughts and whipped at the single tear that had snuck down her cheek. She opened up her laptop and pulled up an old school assignment to make it look like she was doing homework. The door clicked open behind her.

Sasha, why didn't you wake me and let me know you were home?” Came the deep voice of her stepfather.

I'm sorry, David. You just looked like you were sleeping really well and I didn't want to wake you.” Replied Sasha choosing her words wisely. He wasn't drunk but the weirdest things could make him snap.

Just don't do it again.” He said with a yawn. Sasha nodded and he left the room.

Well she had dodged that bullet. She stood up from her chair, went to the door and looked out. David had dropped on the couch and was out again. She turned back to her computer and decided that she should start on her math assignment no matter how much she hated it.


Sasha glanced at the clock and sighed. 5:23. It had taken her almost 2 hours to finish. Her mom would be home soon. She heard her phone ringing and looked at the caller I.D. It was Kelsie. She hit the answer button and put the phone to her ear.

Hey, Kelsie! What's up?”

Sasha, this may sound really weird to you and I've never really done anything like this but, I just felt this urge to tell you that, God loves you, Sasha. And he's always there for you. He's never left your side and he knows what you have faced and what you're about to face. Stay strong for him, and stay strong for me. I love you and I'll always be here for you!” Came the voice over the phone, “I'll talk to you later. Bye!” The phone clicked off.

Sasha blinked, “well that was interesting.”

Putting down the phone she pulled up her Facebook again, there was a status from Oliver. 'Having a great time in Ohio with my best friend, Ryan! Missing all my peeps though! How's school life? Lolz ;)' Sasha 'liked' it, Clicked on the 'comment' button and wrote, ' school sucks without you keeping it interesting! Haha ;) We all miss you too, Oliver! <3' she read over it 5 times with her finger hovering over the 'enter' button. After a minute of staring at it she held down the 'delete' button until the comment was erased then she shut down the page and roughly closed her laptop.

Sasha!” came her stepfathers voice from behind her. Sasha spun around in her chair to face him. The sound in his voice was rough and dangerous, she knew it well, he was angry. “Why didn't you wake me when you got home?”

Sasha was completely confused. Hadn't they already been through this? She slowly said, “I was going to but you looked so peaceful and I know you've been having trouble sleeping so I thought...”

Well you thought wrong!” He yelled. He walked towards her and pulled her out of her chair by her shirt collar, “don't ever think that you know better then me! If I tell you to do something you do it!”

Sasha nodded her head vigorously. Fear flooded over her body. It had been 2 weeks since his last violent out burst. He would yell at Sasha all the time but the violence didn't come unless he was really angry. He pushed Sasha against the wall, pinning her there with his hands pressed hard against her shoulders.

"You need to learn your place in this house!" He raised his hand in the air as if about to strike. Sasha flinched away cowering in the corner and waiting for the familiar feeling of his fist, it came, hard and fast, then another, and another. She yelped in pain. They kept coming 10, 15 blows.

Sasha slunk down to the ground, pressing herself against the corner, wishing with every thing in her that she could just disappear. 

The End

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