Chapter 1

Book 1, Sasha Greene.
This is the first Book in a 3 book series. Follows 16 year old Sasha Greene as she deals with a Physical abusive Step-father.
'"You need to learn your place in this house!" He raised his hand in the air as if about to strike. Sasha flinched away cowering in the corner and waiting for the familiar feeling of his fist, it came, hard and fast, then another, and another. She yelped in pain. They kept coming 10, 15 blows.'

Sasha Greene turned the Dial to the number 7, the lock popped open on her locker door. She grabbed out her history book and discarded the math book into her neat locker. She slammed the door with a sigh, she hated math and always felt worn out after the class. History on the other hand was her favorite class and also her last one of the day. It was nice to end the school day on a good note.

She swung around and bumped into her best friend, Kelsie Whisely.

Wow! Kelsie, I’m so sorry!” Sasha said as she bent down to pick up the history book she had knocked out of Kelsie’s hands.

It’s fine.” Kelsie laughed as she fixed her hair, “What’s your rush? History doesn’t start for another 5 minutes. Do you want to walk with me?”

Sasha nodded and started down the hall towards the history room. Kelsie was wearing a Peach colored poodle skirt with a black t-shirt, Black Cateye glasses, saddle shoes and a large black bow tied in her hair. She looked about as 50’s as it gets and she was pulling it off perfectly.

Are you coming to church on Sunday?” Kelsie asked.

I hope so,” Sasha replied, brushing her bangs behind her ear, “as long as I can get away.”

Kelsie understood and nodded.

Sasha looked down at her own clothes. Grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt with her hair pulled into a high pony tail and her bangs drooping in front of her eyes. It wasn’t her normal everyday attire but it was Thursday and Sasha had no reason to dress up, considering that Oliver was out of town with family for the weekend.

Oliver Stone was the schools “cool kid” the one everyone loved and all the girls fawned over. Sasha hated to admit that she was one of those girls but she couldn’t help herself, he was hot. She had been crushing on him since freshman year when she had first laid eyes on him. And with him not being at school Sasha had no one to impress.

They reached room 205, the history room, and took their seats.

If you wanted to, you could sleepover Saturday night.” Said Kelsie, “Then we could just take you to church with us Sunday morning. It would be the perfect excuse to have a sleepover! My parents would definitely go for it.” Kelsie continued with a grin.

Sasha nodded. “I’ll talk to my mom.” She said with a smile. She loved having sleepovers with Kelsie. Anything to get out of her own house.

Ms. Blair entered the room and began the class.


I want a 1 page report on any part of history you so choose to write about. Be creative. Pick something no one would expect you to write on. Maybe something rare, that not many people have heard of. I’m giving you until next Friday. So take your time and have fun.” Said Mrs. Blair with a grin.

She always got so excited when giving homework, but she always gave the best homework. The fun stuff, so Sasha didn’t mind.

Okay, you’re free to go, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Everyone jumped out of their seats and rushed towards the door. Everyone was so anxious to get home. Not Sasha. She loved school because it was a completely valid excuse for getting out of the house and away from her step-father, David.

Have a nice evening, Ms. Blair.” Said Kelsie as Sasha slowly stood up and grabbed her history book. Kelsie had moved to the front of the class room and was waiting for Sasha at the door.

Thank you, Miss Kelsie.” Ms. Blair replied with a smile, “You too.”

Sasha exited the class room with Kelsie right behind.

Sasha, did something happen last night that I should know about?” Asked Kelsie. They turned the corner towards their lockers.

No. Should something have happened?”

I don’t know…you’ve just been acting funny.” Kelsie stated curiously.

I’m just tired.” Sasha reached for the handle on her locker

Kelsie jumped in front of the locker and looked Sasha in the eyes as if searching for something.

What?!” Asked Sasha. Starting to get annoyed.

You would tell me if something happened, right?”

Sasha grabbed Kelsie gently under her chin and looked her straight in the eyes.

I promise you I would tell you if something had happened last night. I’m just tired that’s all.” She said as she released Kelsie’s chin and sighed. “I stayed up until 2 last night trying to finish the math assignment.”

Kelsie was satisfied and moved out of Sasha’s way. “How come it took you so long to finish the assignment?”

It was my bad. I procrastinated and didn’t start it until 11 and you know I struggle with math.” She replied as she neatly placed her history book in her locker and fixed the Math book that had been roughly discarded there earlier.

Kelsie smiled. They walked to the end of the hall towards the doors and stepped out into the school yard.

There’s my dads car. Do you want a ride home, Sasha?” Kelsie asked.

No, its fine, my mom should be here soon.” Sasha smiled

Kelsie nodded gave her friend a quick hug and ran towards the black Sedan. She opened the passenger seat door, turned around and yelled, “Don’t forget to ask your mom about Saturday night!” She said with a wink and hopped in the car.

Sasha laughed as she watched her friend drive off. As soon as the car was out of sight she walked out of the school yard and started her walk towards home. She felt bad about lying to Kelsie about her mom coming to get her, but she knew if she hadn’t said that then Kelsie would have insisted that Sasha get a ride with them and Sasha did not want to get home any faster then she needed to. She only lived a few blocks away; it wasn’t a big deal to take a nice walk.

Sasha walked up to her front door 23 minutes later, shivering. The sun was out but there was a chilly early October wind. Sasha hesitated to open the door, dreading what might be inside. She pulled herself together, pushed open the door and stepped inside.

The End

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