She didn't know how long or how far they drove. She couldn't even tell which direction the van was headed, but eventually, they came to a stopping point.

   "Home sweet home!"  Damien exclaimed as he was hoisted from the van. Vanessa followed him, and Isla finally being able to see the rest of her body, noticed that it was as sharp and lean as her face.

   The doors behind her flew open, and she fell to the hard and unwelcoming that left bruises on her already battered body. She was dragged to her feet by a pair of large hands that dug into her flesh.

   As she stood, she noticed that they were in an empty warehouse. Well, it was mostly empty.

   There were desks and tables littered with papers and gadgets that she wouldn't have the slightest clue how to use or read. There were firearms and ammunition aligned against the walls and most of the tables. There was also a whole section of the warehouse reserved for computers that was littered with wires and large humming machinery. Different sorts of vehicles were parked near the van, anything from a Lexus to a shit-kicker truck was available.

    It was all so fascinating! Isla was honestly amazed. How could anyone keep all of this hidden? She was overwhelmed with the secrecy and organization. Damien was no clumsy criminal, he was apparently more intelligent and structured than anyone thought!

     Isla found herself trying to explore the warehouse, new information calling her like an unavoidable dream. 

    "This way, Doctor." Vanessa interrupted. Isla looked towards her voice, where Vanessa and Damien were positioned inside of a cargo like elevator.

    The thugs led her roughly to Vanessa and basically tossed her into the elevator.

   "Easy, boys, if we break her, who's going to care for me ?" Damien rasped, pleased with himself.

   "I'll always be here, Damien, don't insult me like that." Vanessa cooed.

    "Of course you will, darling, but you have killed more people than you have saved." he grinned up at her, "Doesn't make me feel very comfortable relying on you for my health." he laughed. She looked hurt by his words, which made Isla wonder what kind of relationship the two shared.

    The elevator moved down through the ground into the lower darkness of the warehouse, revealing to Isla much more than she had anticipated.

The End

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