As the van pulled out of the parking garage, the pointy faced woman handed Damien a small square box.

   "Thank you, Vanessa. You've made me proud." he told her, cooing.

   He turned his attention back to the box, a hungry look in his eyes. He licked his lips anxiously, then let out an ear-spitting shriek of laughter.

   Isla jumped, apparently shaken once more, as Damien flicked his thumb on the lid of the box, revealing a dull red button. She gasped and reached for him, screaming objections.

   The explosion was deafening, and it shook the van on its axles, rattling Isla and the other passengers around like beans in a can. Damiens chair actually tipped over and he tumbled to the floor, laughter still pouring from his mouth.

    'He really is crazy!' Isla thought, holding on to the side of the van for dear life. He bombed her hospital! There were so many people still in there!

   So many people that relied on her to keep them safe. She killed them; she was the reason they were all dead now. 

   "You bastard! What the hell is your fucking problem?" she screamed, leaping on him and tearing at him with her fingers. She was absolutely fuming. There was no way that she was going to help him, not after he killed those that trusted her so much.

    For some reason, as the tears streamed down her face, she remembered thinking that Damien had changed during the surgery, that a near death experience had brought him to sanity.

   But as they struggle on the floor, she peered into his eyes and saw no sign of sanity at all. His eyes were wild, like some estranged animal. They were sharp and cold and as blue as the deepest part of the ocean. He was the Conductor of Death himself. To him, killing was fun, it was an art; a fun past-time.

   Isla stopped, her breath coming in gasps. They were both still, his eyes locked on hers as she came to her realization. Slowly, she crawled off of him and tucked herself into the far back corner of the van, her arms curled around her knees. Damien never took his gaze from her as he was helped into his seat.

    They both had just experienced an epiphany about each other, and changed their views on the other drastically.

The End

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