She didn't make it very far, though, before his arms were wrapped around her waist. Screaming, she tried her best to hit him anywhere, her legs and arms jabbing at air as she was hoisted from the ground and tossed into the back of a roaring van.

   Just her luck.

   The Commissioner was going to pay for this.

  It was entirely too dark for her in the van, and very uncomfortable. The man had let go of her, but that didn't keep her from lashing out into the inky darkness.

   "Who the fuck are you people? What do you think you're doing?" she growled through gritted teeth. That was one of her bad habits, grinding her teeth, and she only did so when nervous, agitated, or bored. She was definitely not bored.

   "You've got quite a job at hand, Dr. Hollande." came a different voice than before. It was female this time, smooth and menacing, dripping with power and cunning. A pale face leaned in from the darkness. She had strikingly beautiful features, an angular face, small nose, and thin lips. She a stern looking woman who could probably kill you with a glance.

   "What do you mean? Are you talking about-"

   "You know very well what I'm talking about." the woman snapped. "Now is not the time to be coy, Isla. You are only alive because of one person, and it would be best if you thank him personally. After you help us break him out of that hospital of yours, that is." she added as a last minute note.

    Yeah, the Commissioner was going to pay her big time.

    "You are his accomplices?" Isla  asked . No one, including the media or NYPD, knew that her patient had accomplices.

    "'Accomplice' is such an enslaving word, Dr. Hollande. We are  his group, his team, his family, if you will. We worry about him, and we would much rather prefer that he be in our custody." the woman said with such innocence.

    "You can't just take him out of there. He's in recovery! If you care for him so much, you would leave him where he is until he gets better."

    "Ah, but you see, therein lies the dilemma. As soon as he is transferable, he will see nothing but the inner walls of Glattenburg Asylum once again. We as his family simple cannot allow that to happen."

     Isla sat in the darkness, trying to think up a means of escape. Hadn't she seen a T.V special about what to do if you were kidnapped? The woman seemed to notice Isla in deep thought.

    "There is no escape, if you must know. We have inside men at the hospital already. You just need to waltz in there, gain access to his room, and let us in. We'll do the rest." she assured her.

    "Why don't you just kill me and take my badge. That's all that you'll need." Isla huffed.  It was preposterous to keep her alive just to gain access to the patients room. What else could they need her for?

   The answer hit her like a punch in the stomach, and as she came to the realization of what her 'real' job was, her mouth formed a small 'o' of surprise.

    "That's right," the woman confirmed, the words oozing from her mouth like a sweet poison-infused candy, " because you will be taking care of our dear Damien, but where we tell you to. You will be with him until he is fully recovered, and afterward, who knows? Maybe he'll let you join our little team." she sneered. The other occupants of the speeding van let out peals of laughter.

    This was not what she wanted. Her wanting to join Damien in his villainous actions were only thoughts, not wishes. She didn't really want to help them, not in the least.

    As the van sped onwards to Mercys Grace Hospital, Isla could only pray for a miracle to save her from this fate. 

The End

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