I started this story with the idea that I would write every chapter based on a randomly generated word. So, as I started, I didn't really have a plot or characters; I had only the word 'mended' to run with. And with each additional word, my story gathered itself. I find myself reading and re-reading these pages, and I think that, to save the story, I should go back and edit the first few chapters so that the story can make sense.

But again, I'm not sure if I should. Perhaps if I could get a c

     She left the recovery room, tossing her latex gloves into the trash bin beside the door.

     Her job was something that she loved and hated at the same time. She loved saving lives and helping people, but she hated saving the lives of those who killed. She knew that as soon as the man in the operating room was better, he would send her other patients that might not survive his deeds of joy.

     The patient in the room behind her was a sick, sick man, and as if to prove it, he confessed to her that he thought she loved him.

     Not only was he sick, he was delusional. But she mended him all the same, his blood on her apron and gloves. A tiny bit of her enjoyed the fact that she had a killers blood on her hands, but the blood was there for the wrong reason.

    If she saved a murderer, would the deaths of his new victims be her fault? Would she, in turn, be a murder as well?

The End

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