Later That Night

My husband was sleeping on the couch. We hadn't slept in the same bed for at least a year. I thought about what Sophie, my daughter, was doing. I wasn't sure if she'd be scared, but I was sure she was angry. I mean, her own father didn't want her anymore. I grabbed my cell phone and pressed 2 on my speed-dial.

The phone rang and rang and rang until finally, a male's voice answered.

"I'd like to speak to Sophie," I told him.

"Who is this?"

"Her mother." I heard the phone being shuffled around.

"Mom?" Sophie's wavering voice answered. I could tell she'd been crying.

"How are you?"

"Not good."

"Honey, I'm gonna do everything I can to get you back. Even if it means getting a divorce. I'm not gonna let them take you from me."

"Oh my God, thank you! Dad said neither of you wanted me."

"He was wrong."

"Are you coming now?"

"I can't, honey. I'm locked in."

"What do you mean, 'locked in'?"

"Your father won't let me out."

"Call the police."

"Okay honey. Talk to you soon." I hung up the phone and dialed 9-1-1

The End

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