Memory Chapter 2

"I can also remember a loud siren, and people shouting."

"Very good" the doctor said. "Now do you remember anything else?" "No" I replied. My mother wept louder and my father just stood there. All I did was look around.

Hmmmm... This could create a problem.

A lady came in weeping.

"Who are you" I asked.

I am the lady who hit you with my car. I was on my cellphone. I am so sorry!

You can not say sorry for my daughter's pain and suffering,my mother said. She can't even remember her own name.  "Wait what is going on here? Is what this lady did bad?" The doctor whispered in my ear, "Yes what she did to you was very bad, even illegal."

So I continue to sit there, in silence, without a clue of what is to come.

The End

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