"Why that man in the red jumpsuit has been watching us," he said.

Catrina spun around to see the man standing there. His thick blonde hair gelled back so it looked like one solid block. He stood half hidden behind a large rock, though the rock didn't hide him all that well. After all, he was wearing a blindingly red jump suit. She turned back to Cory, throwing her thumb over her shoulder to point at the man.

"Just who is that?" Catrina asked. Something about the man in the jump suit was odd. He didn't look like the men that came to look at the children. Cory brushed a strand of pitch black hair from his hazel eye then leaned on a tree trunk.

"Mr. Nocktoh, but really you don't have to worry to much about him. I'm far worse." A grin spread across Cory's as Catrina began to look puzzled. 'I'm far worse'? Catrina questioned to herself, inside her head this time. What?.

"You see.." Cory began, "my story holds more then the tragic death of my parents. It holds promises unkept, secrets and blood  spilled, hidden rooms, and this". Cory's hand slipped into his pocket and pulled out a black box. It was not much larger then a match box, but something about it promised something much, much larger. Catrina swallowed and blurted out,

"You still haven't answer me...who is he?". The girl studied Cory, noticing the small things now. He wore dark clothes in many layers. Around his neck was a crimson ribbon with a chunky key tied to it. The key was a glittering mix of gold or bronze and seemed to be filled with light. Cory's shaggy black hair almost covered his eyes, and seemed to have no real cut shape. He reminded her much of a cat. Tricky, smart, pretty and over all, a bit of a mystery. Cory smirked, and stroked the black wooden box.

"He is here to make sure I don't use this" Cory said smoothly. Catrina didn't know what to do...she felt like she was being pulled in many different ways..

The End

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