She had never seen him before in her life.

        "Yes, as a matter of fact, you were," The boy said. "And don't worry- You can call me an outcast all you like." He chuckled. "I am, of course, an outcast of my own free will."
        Catrina felt the board that she was sitting on shift with his weight when he sat on it's edge. She wasn't used to people approaching her in a friendly way, so her first impulse was to stand. The board flew up and hit him in the face.
         "Oh, sorry! Are you okay?" She wasn't used to people, but she did have manners. Manners were the sort of thing you had to have at an orphanage.
         "Erm... Yes... I might have a bloody nose though. Please.. um... try not to stand up so fast next time, okay?"
         Catrina was now embarrassed.
         "I'm so sorry! I didn't know that would happen!"
         "That's okay." He rubbed his nose. "But there's something I wanted to get straight. What's your name? It's weird, because you seem really familiar."
          "Well, I'm Catrina, and I feel sure I've never met you before," she lied. She did actually recognize him from somewhere, but she did not want to think of where.
          "But I could swear... Never mind. I'm Cory. Now, since we're both here, and I think we're both wondering the same thing, why don't I tell you?"
          "Tell me what?" Catrina asked quizzically.

The End

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