Chapter 3Mature


Alexis was on the phone so Scarlett had decided to hide in their bedroom, a glass of wine that she shouldn't be drinking in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She took a sip before placing the crystal glass down and opening a window. She lit the cigarette and enjoyed every second, feeling the buzz of defying her husband.

When done, she disposed of the evidence quickly before sitting on the bed and switching on the tv; she recognised the bloke talking - he lived in their building but she could never remember his name. Her memory wasn't the best - she tended to leave things like that to Alexis; he was her brain.

It didn't take long for her to nod off, being careful not to let the red wine spill onto the bed. As she slept, she dreamed of one day helping Alexis to walk again, her only dream.

He would spend hours watching her sleep - he understood that lots of people would have thought that that would be a bit creepy but she looked like she was at peace so much that he couldn't help himself. He gently kissed her hand before leaving her to her rest.

He picked up his phone; he had a text from one of his publishers.

"Next book needed by next week otherwise too late. Soz x"

Alexis sighed, turning his computer on, prodding the button with a single finger. As he started to work, he wondered why he was bothering. He could easily support himself until the end of his days. He just worked for the fun of it. For the thrill of his own little world.

Before he had chance to get to absorbed in the writing that didn't interest him, his wife woke up.

Bad dreams haunt the recently woken, something Alexis knew all too well.

The End

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