Chapter 2Mature


Alexis was just sat there, even as the rain poured down on him. He was being stubborn as usual. She just watched him with a smile. Part of her worried that he slightly wanted the rain to drown him, so free him from his prison but she didn't like to think like that. His hair and clothes were completely drenched - he must have been out there for hours.

She dropped the shopping bags and joined him, only for a second before taking him back inside against his will. She could see that he had been crying but knew that he would never admit it. She didn't bring it up. Instead, she just hugged him, regardless of getting her clothes wet. She kissed him gently on the cheek and he looked at her, smiling. She tried to smile back but she could see the sadness in his eyes.

"Sorry love. I must have lost track of time."

Alexis smiled, accepting her apology. The two of them just looked at each other for a few seconds, sharing a wordless conversation. She went over and picked up her shopping bags, smiling at the contents.

"Get anything nice, Scarlett?"

"Nah, just a couple of dresses. The usual." She smiled and in that one second, he remembered what had drawn him to her in the first place.

"Going to show me then?"

"If you insist!"

She took the bags to their room, leaving him to tap away on his computer for a couple of minutes. Since he was struggling with his new book, he loaded up the internet and loaded his blog. After splurging a load of random, useless information, he hit the post button and felt like a weight had been lifted.

Scarlett came in, looking stunning. All Alexis could do was smile.


"You like?"

He nodded. "Money well spent."

She went over and sat beside him, holding his hands in hers. They kissed again, slightly longer this time. She got up and started to make coffee.

"So how was your day, babe?"

"Lots of deadlines that I haven't met and a lot of rain."

"Oh yeah! We need to get you out of those wet clothes!"

"It's no trouble." he began to wheel himself into their bedroom. "I can do it."

"Let me help. You'll need to shower as well."

"I'm ok!" He picked some clothes from his wardrobe and went into the en-suite, neatly placing them on a basket. He started to take his top off when he noticed she was standing in the doorway.

"I can do this on my own!"

"Well I just want to help Lex."

"I want to do this. After today."

She nodded, closing the door behind her. Scarlett went and sat on the bed, moving the hair from out of the way of her face. She loved him.

The End

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