"I don't know what to do!" he whispered, meeting Wilf's scared eyes with his own terrified ones. "This has never happened before. I don't know, I can't - "

"Take her to the TARDIS!" Wilf suggested, struggling to his feet and pointing out of the window to the street beyond, though the TARDIS wasn't in view. "Haven't you got something, anything that can fix her - you're an alien, haven't you got the technology - ?!"

"Aliens can't work miracles, Wilf," he responded sadly, but he gathered Donna in his arms and carried her down the stairs, his desperation lending him strength as Wilf followed behind, reaching for Donna's trailing hair as if to stroke it and lend her comfort.

"I'm sorry, Wilf, wait here," the Doctor shouted as he carried Donna inside the doors into the control room and lay her down on the only available chair. He bounced on the soles of his Converse with uncontained energy born from his panic, as his brain raced to find an answer. "What happens if you remember, Donna?" he yelled, running his hands through his hair. "What can I do to stop it?"

Donna's face was crumpled, half-hidden by her hair, which was in as much disarray as the Doctor's now. She was beyond answering, locked into her own suffering; her shoulders heaved and her head shook from side to side as she tried to throw off the pain. A golden glow was building in her eyes as she looked up at the Doctor fearfully, and it suddenly burst from her as if she was regenerating.

The Doctor stood still in shocked silence, as Donna got to her feet and reached out for him. "Doctor!"

"Donna - " he was cut off as she touched him with both hands, and he jerked as if receiving an electric shock. Suddenly she slumped again, sliding in a heap to the metal grated flooring around the console. He dropped to his knees, recovering quickly from the bolt of pain that the energy she had transferred had caused to shoot through him.

"Donna?" he repeated softly, pulling her torso onto his lap and cradling her head. Her face was death white and her eyes were closed.

"Doctor!" Wilf yelled from outside the door. "What's going on?"

He didn't reply; Donna was stirring in his arms and his face bore the signs of hope. Her eyes flickered, and she looked at him - for a moment the old Donna's warmth showed, the Donna he had known so well - then they went blank. She stared into his face for a few further seconds, and then suddenly she struggled from his grip. She broke his hold easily and used her feet to propel herself across the floor away from him, staring in apparent horror at her surroundings.

"Who are you?" she gasped, as the Doctor stood up and came slowly towards her, holding his hands out placatingly to show he didn't mean to hurt her. "Where am I?"

"Donna?" he asked, trying to hide just how much it hurt him that she didn't recognise him.

"Is that my name?" she whispered, getting to her feet and wrapping her arms around herself insecurely.

"Yes," the Doctor replied gently, as it dawned on him what had happened to her. "I'm the Doctor... come with me."

Not seeing any other choice, she walked cautiously towards him as he went to the doors. He had held his hand out to her, but she ignored it as if just to touch him would be something she couldn't bear to contemplate. He curled his fingers back up and opened the door, turning his face away.

They stepped out into the street and Wilf at once bombarded the Doctor with questions. "What did you do? What happened? Is she all right?"

Donna appeared behind the Doctor, staring at the street as if it was unfamiliar. Wilf saw her and grabbed her in a hug at once.

"Oh, she's alive! How did you stop it, Doctor?" he cried - but the joy in his voice faded as he realised that Donna was stiff in his arms, as unresponsive as a statue. "Donna?"

"Who are you?" Donna asked fearfully, stepping back out of Wilfred's hug. He glanced helplessly at the Doctor, empty arms still outstretched as if he was hugging thin air. "She doesn't recognise me," Wilf said, evidently taken aback with surprise. "Doctor, what did you do to her?"

The Doctor had been watching with a look on his face that suggested he had expected Donna to reject Wilf. He walked to the old man's side and they both looked at Donna, whose eyes were moving from one to the other warily.

"The Metacrisis is over," the Doctor said quietly, so that only Wilf would hear. "But now... her entire memory is gone. She doesn't remember anything."

The End

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