Recorded Memories

The loud words, "Donna, get up!" were accompanied by the slamming of the front door downstairs.

Donna jerked into a sitting position at the sound of her mother's whining voice, then thumped her head back against the pillow. It seemed to switch her headache of the previous night back on, because at once a dull throbbing began at her temples. She massaged her forehead as she dressed in the same grey sweater and jeans as she had worn yesterday, and made herself a coffee in the kitchen.

Wilf was having a cup of tea at the kitchen table, staring morosely into the depths of the cup between his hands as if it revealed some miserable future event. Donna hugged him from behind, planting a kiss on the top of his white hair.

"Are you all right, Grandad?" she asked with concern, grabbing her coffee and sitting down opposite him. He looked up and gave her his familiar old smile, but he still seemed sad. Donna sighed and patted his hand. "Whatever happened yesterday, it's all right now," she assured him. "It was on the news, Earth got through it with some casualties but it's not the end of the world."

"No, it's not," Wilf agreed, tilting his head back to drain the last of his tea before he could say, because of you. He got up and put his cup in the sink, stretching out his arms. "Your mum's gone out with Suzette," he said, though Donna didn't know why he thought she'd care. "I might be going for a walk later with the gang, I haven't spoken to Minnie in a while... what, um, what will you be doing today, love?"

"I don't know," Donna replied thoughtfully. "I'm sure Veena can't wait to have a chat about all this that's been going on. I can't believe I slept right through it."

"Yeah," Wilf agreed, and left the kitchen rather quickly. Donna finished her coffee and heard her mobile ringing in her bedroom - when she got up there and answered it her suspicion about Veena was proved correct.

"See you in half an hour," Donna grinned as she cut off the call. It would take her twenty minutes to walk there, since Sylvia had taken the car. She saw her brown leather coat hanging on the back of the door as if she'd worn it recently, though she didn't recall having done so. She slid it on and felt something in the right pocket bump against her leg. She patted the pocket and felt a thin solid rectangle inside - a chocolate bar?? Had she been cheating on her diet??

She tugged the object out, and saw that rather than a chocolate bar it was a little black leather book, with a logo and the words 'Leisure Palace' embossed on the cover in silver. A diary?

Donna sat down on her bed and opened it to the first page. She recognised the small untidy handwriting as her own, yet she didn't remember putting these words down.

There was no date on this entry, it just began with the place: The Leisure Palace, Planet Midnight

I just bought this from the little shop. This place has a little shop! It's like a holiday resort or something, except on an entirely different planet. The Doctor's gone on one of the sight-seeing trips, but there's plenty of opportunities to see amazing sights, travelling with him. It's about time I got a chance to relax. So here I am, being waited on hand and foot (I love it!) and I bought this, and thought while I've got eight hours of Doctor-free relaxing time, I might as well write down what I've been up to with the Doctor... for Gramps, maybe - he'd love to read about everything we've done, all the places we've been to. The trouble is, I've never really been good with words... I don't know if I can do all those worlds justice when I describe them. Still, I'll have a go...

Donna looked up from the diary's first page, and stared unseeingly at the purple wall. Her headache intensified.

The End

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