Memories are what they are - the witnesses of our past!


Exclusively tenanted are our minds

By memories fond and bitter entwined

Packed, stashed in unmarked shelves

Random flashes with impunity dwell.


Moments well spent do intermingle

As with the ugly ones they jostle

Happy times store memories mellow

While sad ones our minds lay fallow.


Traffic’s erratic down this lane

As memories hurtle around in a maze

Patterns are often hard to detect

As our attention they do deflect.


Mother’s lap and dad’s shoulder

Siblings’ quarrels and surrender

Morning race with satchel to school

Fun and play, to serious drills move.


Life moves to mundane planes

As childhood friends do fade away

Work and family taking centre stage

Even while social tasks hold sway.


Of silent love and sleepless nights

Or the anguish of all our plights

Shattered trust and dreams do speak

Eloquently on life’s trough and peak.


Some of them do solace provide

As memories among them divide

A fateful life and silent soul

Events of life, in silence toll.

The End

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