Big Changes For the WorstMature

~Liam's Point of View~

I stood in front of my mom’s casket in silence. Grandmom wasn’t too far away. At this thought I shook my head; my grandmother outlived my mom. “This is not the way things should be.” I didn’t realize that I spoke this aloud until Addy came up behind me and placed her head on my shoulder, “You knew this was going to happen eventually Liam.”

“Yes but not this fast.” I sped-walked away from my dead mother and Addy, taking a seat in another room. I heard Addy’s heels as she followed me. “Liam,” She took a hold of my hand, “What has happened to your mom is terrible but you-”

“Please Addy. All I want right now…that is possible to get…is to be left alone.”

“What to you find impossible to get?”

I didn’t answer her at first, feeling the tears reach my eyes, “Liam?”

“I want my goddamn mother back okay?!” I yelled at her, making her jump back in fear; I rarely ever yelled, especially at her.

“I-I’m sorry Liam.” Addy then ran off, her sobs heard by all.


I laid in my bed, staring up at the ceiling while thinking of what to do. I had called Addy now…I’m not even sure how many times and she didn’t answer once. I huffed in frustration and pushed my messy blonde hair out of my face. I looked around my room, seeing my funeral clothes sitting on my desk’s chair. Just seeing and knowing what they were bought for brought bile to my mouth.

I brightened at the thought of running downstairs to ask Joel for help, but then I realized his current condition: passed out on the couch with an empty bottle of vodka in his hand.

Now that wasn’t like Joel whatsoever, but hey, it’s not every lifetime your loved one gets taking away from you.

My cellphone rang then and the caller ID said it was Addy and my heart inflated with happiness.

Perhaps people can forgive and forget.

"Hey Liam," Addy quietly greeted me.

"I'm so sorry for flipping out on you like that. It's just with everything that's going on-"

"I understand. How's Joel holding up?"

I scoffed, "He's passed out on the couch from all the hard liquor he drank when he got home. If only I could do the same, you know. Drink the pain away."

It was quiet for a bit from both lines until I stated, "I know how to fix this though-"

"Oh no Liam," She groaned, "Don't start with that again. That is the craziest and stupidest idea I have ever heard you come up with."

"What are you talking about? All I gotta do is find a list of all registered AIDS victims in the US and then see which one is accused of rape."

"Is that all you have to do Liam? Scour all of America in search of one man. For all you know that man could already be dead by now. But the main point is....I can't even say it." I heard the anger rising in Addy's throat, and naturally her anger made me angry, "Say it. Say it aloud what I want to do." I growled.

I heard sniffling and could imagine her shaking her head, tears coming to her eyes, "No."


"You kill him." She quietly said, the words barely audible through my cellphone. My anger subsided then and I sympathetically asked, "Why do you have such a problem with that?"

"Because you're not a killer, no way. Plus, I don't want you to go to jail." These words were said so compassionatly that I was left dumbstruck. Is this a way of Addy showing feelings for me? That's stupid though. Her of all people should know I'm not one to get together with.

"Please don't do it Liam." I was still too dumbstruck to answer her at first, but after I thought for a bit I said, "Maybe...I'll think about it."

Then I quietly hung up on her...for her own good. 

The End

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