What Hazel Never ExpectedMature

After I gave Liam his pills and got him to bed I got into my chair and drove, making it seem like I had no purpose for driving. But I soon found the destination I was looking for all night.


It took me quite a bit of time to convince the nighttime nurses to let me in, but once I let them know the situation they let me right in. “Miss Parker,” the nurse shook Hazel’s arm, “Joel is here.”

Hazel blinked a couple of times before straightening herself in her bed, “Honey, it’s a little late isn’t it?”

“Well I was thinking about what you had said earlier-” Hazel winced, “What part?”

“The love part,” Hazel blushed at my words, “So I did a little bit of driving around and finally came to a conclusion…”

Then I got down on one knee and pulled the little box out from my back pocket, “Oh my God Joel!” Hazel cried.

“Will you marry me?”

“Of course. Yes!”I slipped the delicate band with a single beautiful diamond on her slender finger. Then I got off the ground and kissed her gently on the lips.

“I love you Joel.” Hazel whispered.

“I love you too Hazel,” I whispered back. We spent what seemed like hours just staring into each others eyes until we were interuppted by someone clearing their throat. “I’m sorry but Miss Parker needs to take some medication, then go to sleep.”

“oh of course. We have to have you get better right honey?” She blushed, “Of course.”

As I was walking out of her room I cried, “As soon as you get out of this hospital we’re officially making you Mrs. Olkin.” I heard Hazel’s beautiful laugh from down the hall, a laugh of pure happiness which made me smile for no reason really.

Once I got home I couldn’t help but wake Liam up, “Liam! Guess what?” I was like a little child on Christmas Day. “What?” Liam grumbled.

“I'm going to be your dad soon.”

This woke him up, “Oh my God this is soo cool!” Then Liam threw me into a hug

A memory then crossed my mind. When I first met Liam and Hazel, he asked me if I could be his daddy.

Whoever knew it would eventually come true.

The End

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