We sat together at the dinner table one night. I could tell Hazel was feeling uneasy, but that was because Liam has been so quiet since he had gotten home from school, which even worried me. Liam always had something to talk about after school, whether it be something new he learned or just mindless gossip.

After a few minutes into dinner Liam stopped eating, “Mom, what does fag mean?”

Hazel’s fork clattered to the floor, “W-Why do you ask?”

Liam shrugged, “Somebody called me that today.”

“It…It’s a mean name people call gay men.”

Liam looked suddenly confused, “Why the hell would they call me that? I’m not gay. I know that for a fact because I like….” Liam stopped himself and blushed, looking down at his food. Hazel smiled at me and mouth the name, “Adalee”, to me.

Liam quickly finished his food then and rushed up the stairs while crying, “Going to talk to Addy.”

It was then that Hazel placed her head in her hands and sighed, “Liam Liam Liam.”

And I knew. He liked a girl, not good.


I decided to have a chat with Liam after dinner. “Liam,” I asked, knocking on his door, “Can I talk to you?” Liam gladly opened his door for me, taking a seat back on his bed. I joined him and broke the ice by asking, “Do you like me Liam?”

“Of course! You’re like a part of my life. I’ve known you for like…ever.” He exclaimed.

“What would you think of me being your dad?”

“Oh that would be so sweet! I mean, though you already are like a father to me, to make it official would be…wow.” Liam grinned from ear to ear with excitement.

“Alright, so I guess I have your blessings in proposing to your mom.”

“Of course.”

“So now about that girl of yours…” I began and Liam immediatly blushed at the word “girl”. “She’s just my friend,” He weakly fought back. I laughed, “Alright whatever you say. Just don’t do anything bad with each other…”

” Ew Joel!” Liam gasped. It was meant to be funny but at the same time a warning. Hopefully he’s read enough about AIDS to know one way of giving it.

The End

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