Trouble at SchoolMature

It was silent in my house. Liam was at school, Joel was at work, and I merely sat painting and writing. That was me, the artistic person.

I jumped with the ringing of the phone. “Hello?” I stated.

“Miss Parker? This is Dr. Wrengale, the principal of Liam’s school. Liam is currently in the office now and I would like for you to come and talk with us.”

“Oh of course. I’ll be right there.”


“So today Liam has been acting out…and whenever his teacher told him to stop he’d come with the answer of, ‘I can do whatever I want cause I die faster than you’.”

“Oh Liam you should never use that as an excuse for anything.” I put my hand up to my face in embarressment.

“But it’s true. Isn’t that the fair way?”

“I am so sorry Dr. Wrengale. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

“I’ll let him off with a warning this time…but no 5-year olds should hear those sorts of words, especially from a classmate.”

“I understand.”

Dr. Wrengale nodded, “Now it’s almost dismissal, so you might as well take Liam home now."

It was silent at first in our car as I drove myself and Liam home. I broke the ice though, “I can’t believe you went and told everyone what we talked about yesterday…and even using it to your advantage. Honey, that’s not right at all.”

“I’m sorry Mommy….but you should’ve seen my friends’ faces when I told them. Adalee was almost in tears…”

“Adalee? Who’s that? And tell me about your friends.”

“Adalee is who Meanie Girl was. Turns out she wasn’t mean at all, she just likes my hair a lot. And my friends that I made are…” And Liam was off again, talking about sweet nothing. He manages to bring me away from the deathly truth…no pun intended…of how he could soon die. Soon as in any day.

“Mommy what’s wrong?” As I zoned I didn’t realize I began crying, “Oh nothing honey.”

“You sure? Are you mad at me?”

“Never. I’m proud you learned a lesson today.”

“Oh…okay…but as I was saying…”

And then Liam took me away again.

He accomplishes that feat when Joel isn’t around.

The End

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