Hearbreaking Night to a Calm MorningMature

Five Years Later

I watched him sleeping peacefully. This child, my child, he barely looked like me. The face shape and the eyes are not from me. He had a more thinner face than mine, which was like a round ball. And his eyes, his eyes were a deep brown that were usually always filled with such fascination from something: a bug on a leaf, seeing the leaves change color, watching the clouds float by.

I felt terrible for having to do this to my dear Liam, having to wake him up. But I had to. I brushed his blonde hair out of his face and quietly said, “Liam, honey you have to wake up.” He slowly opened his big expressive brown eyes, blinking the sleep out of them.

“Liam, it’s time for you to take your AZT .”

“Awww, but I don’t like them mommy. Do I have to?”

“Yes you do. Look, Mommy has to take them too. We’ll take them together okay?”

“Okay.” He took the water and the two pills, the pills keeping us both alive, and swallowed them.

The sight was heartbreaking, having to watch that.


I was cooking up some breakfast as I heard Liam come storming down the stairs. “Pancakes!” He cried with glee. I smiled and placed one on his plate.

While I watched him eat I thought of how he doesn’t look any different from all the other 4 year olds. Face it, no one would ever know the fact that he has AIDS considering how he looks no different.

But then I recalled how he looked when he was just born. He couldn’t breathe from the thrush infection clogging his throat therefore his skin was blue.

That was the worst day of my life: never knowing whether little Liam was going to make it or not.

But now here he is, wriggling in his chair to a song in his head while he quietly ate his pancakes.

“Get your play clothes on honey we’re going to the park today.”

“Yay!” He exclaimed while jumping from his chair and running back up the stairs to get dressed as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, I was just glad the doctors got him to breathe as quickly as possible when he was first born.

The End

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