Does Therapy Really Help Me?Mature

“So Hazel, how do you feel today?” My therapist asked me. I rolled my eyes, “Exactly how I feel every day Mrs. Andrews. Suckish.”
“Well there are things you can do to help you know.”
“Like what? Go back in time? Try and forget? You can’t forget these things Mrs. Andrews.”
“I understand-”
“No you don’t! No one understands unless the same thing happens to them!” I stood up and began storming out. I hated having a therapist. Most of them were so naiive in their teaching, their “helping”.

I got out of my car and walked into my house, where my mom was cooking, “You’re home early.”
“I don’t feel well. I’m going to take a shower and go to sleep.”
“Dear, you’ve already taken three showers today.”
“So? I feel dirty.” Face it, all raped people feel dirty for the rest of their lives. It soon turns to an obsession. I quickly took my burning hot shower and crawled under my sheets, soon falling asleep.

The girl was walking down the dark street towards where her car was. It was close to an alleyway, but she was fearless. She never noticed she was being followed. She never noticed him until he tapped her on the shoulder. The woman asks what he wants. He seems upset. He tells the woman how his brother is in the alleyway dying, drug overdose or something like that. The woman was kind and ran over with the man to help his brother, not knowing the danger. She realized there was no one else in the alley. She realized too late. The man shoved her to the ground, the blow shattering her shoulder blade. The girl gasped from the pain. But when she saw the glint in the man’s eyes from above, she knew there was plenty more pain to come. She was all his…

“No no no no!” I screamed, finally waking. I felt a round of dizziness hit me as I rushed to the bathroom, throwing up in the toliet. Lights came on in the hallway when my mom rushed in, “Oh honey.” She whispered.

Once I was finished I crawled in my mom’s arms and sobbed as she gently stroked my hair, trying to calm me.

The End

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