Memories That Fade Like PhotographsMature

Kristen Valentine is 23 years old. She has a daughter named Emily, who just turned 4 years old. Emily's father left with his band before he knew Kristen was pregnant. She didn't have the heart to tell him that she was pregnant and ruin his dream. So she let him go with out another word. She and Emily are currently living in New York right where Alex left them.

Alex's POV

I walked on the bus after our last concert with the rest of the band.

"Next stop, Home" Rian said falling lazily on to the couch.

I climbed up into my bunk. I couldn't wait to until Christmas. I want to see my family and friends that I haven't seen in forever.

Then she popped into my mind. The love of my life, I had to leave her. I never wanted to, but what was I supposed to do? Leave the band after working so hard. So I left her behind. We broke up. I'm sure that she has moved on by now but there isn't a law that says I can't see her.

"Alex are you okay?" Jack asked

"huh?" he pulled me from my thoughts

"are you okay?" he repeated.

"yeah" I half smiled.

Her face filled my mind again. I was sure I had a stupid look on my face. What if she doesn't want to see me? It might just break my heart.

"Alex is thinking about Kristen again" Zack said.

"So what if I am?" I questioned.

"nothing. I just don't think it is healthy for you" Zack said.

"She is healthy for me" I stated as I pulled my curtain closed on my bunk.

I soon fell asleep dreaming of her face.

Kristen POV

My alarm when off, I slapped the snooze button. I was so tired.

"mommy!" I heard Em say from the hallway.

"in here baby" I said.

She came into my room and climbed into the bed with me. She fell right back asleep. I got up slowly so I didn't wake her. I had to get ready for work.

I walked into the bathroom and got in the shower. I shaved, shampooed, and conditioned. After I stepped out I checked on Em who was still fast asleep. I fixed my hair, did my make up and put my clothes on.

Once I was ready I got Em and her diaper bag. It was friday so she was staying with my mother. She could sleep more and then Mom would get her ready.

We drove straight to mom's. She heard us pull up, because she came outside to help me. I handed her Em's diaper bag and I picked up Em. I looked down at my beautiful daughter, she looked just like her father. I missed him. I stopped myself and pushed that thought away. After they were settled I headed to work.

"Good morning Mrs. Valentine" My secretary greeted me.

"Good morning" I smiled as I went into my office.

Since Alex left. I have been working on my own dreams. I have become a sucessful Wedding Planner. I make good money, more than I had ever thought about. I have grown up a lot since he left.

My intercom came on "Mrs. Valentine, Erica Blake is here to see you"

"Okay send her in"

A few moments of silence, then Erica came in.

"hey girl" she said.

"hey" I smiled.

"Did you happen to watch the News this morning?" she asked.

"no I didn't catch it why?" I asked.

"The All Time Low tour is over.." she said.

Erica is Em's god mother. She has been here with me the whole way in building my business.

"Erica.." I started.

"Kristen, They are coming back!" she interupted.

I felt my face drop.

Alex. Is. Coming. Back?

I started to worry.

"Em is starting to ask questions about her father and why she doesn't have one.."

"Maybe you should let her meet him while he is here. " she suggested.

"Why? to let him walk right back out of our lives again? So if he doesn't see us we don't exist?"


"Erica it's okay, I'm sorry this isn't your fault"

She hugged me

Alex is coming back.

The End

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