Darklight Temple Page 2

     The Hero waited for the sound of arrows whisking by overhead, or the shink of iron as a guillotine fell from its cradle to swing back and forth. Instead, the ground beneath her broke away and that ever present enemy, gravity, pulled her down with the rubble of the floor. The Hero's expectations were not met again, as she splashed into a body of water instead of smashing into the ground. Fortunately her wares were kept tight and nothing came loose from her pouches and her satchel. She kept a death grip on her sword as she struggle to right herself and stand. 

     The water was waist deep. She looked around but her eyes were cradled in darkness. Opening her dry bag carefully she pulled out a small cloth bound stick and a small jar. Inside the jar was a powder that, when met with air, produced fire. She unwrapped the stick lightly and then re-wrapped with the jar now held in place with the cloth. She held her sword up and smashed the pommel against the cloth wrapped jar, shattering it and causing a flame to erupt.

     With her torch in hand, The Hero surveyed her area and scrutinized every detail she could. After all, she had surpassed the previous Hero. Now, she was supplying fresh memories to the cycle for The Hero that comes after her. She didn't despair, for she understood her role. This endless endeavor wouldn't be completed by one. All she could do was make it as far as possible and leave a good trail for her successor. 

     Slowly, torch held high, The Hero searched for her way forward and listened for anything beyond the sound of her wading. Before long, the light of her illuminated a ladder set against a wall. The ladder disappeared into the darkness beyond the light of her torch. Reluctantly, she extinguished the torch in the water, pulled the spent cloth off, and stored them in her pack, pulling out a pouch of glowing worms. She reached in and pulled two of the small worms from the pouch and returned it to her pack. Clenching her fists, she crushed the worms and rubbed her hands together, coating them in the luminescent guts of the worms. Now that she could see the ladder, she climbed.     

The End

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