Memories of Dreams

A freshman English class writing. I wrote this after watching Inception and thinking to myself, "I wish I could write something kinda like that..." so it's a bit... confusing.
It could've happened to anyone, but of all people they chose Alex. He was abducted and added to the royal guard on a distant planet. Can he keep his memories? Or are they memories at all?

     This morning I walked slowly through the deserted woods near my home in Northern California, humming softly to myself over the crunch of the pebbly dirt beneath my running shoes. Shaking a stray strand of my just-too-long-to-stay-neat hair out of my eyes as I walked, I stopped humming and listened only to the sound of a breeze rustling through the trees. I pulled a canteen of water off its hook on my belt and took a refreshing sip from it, continuing down the path before me, and thought of my wife, Mindy, who was making breakfast for me back at the cabin. As I continued to walk, I paid special attention to the sounds the birds in the nearby trees were making. They sounded almost... mechanical? I stopped in my tracks – the better to hear the chirping – and looked up at the branches above me; trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious mechanical sounding bird. I found it almost immediately, and as soon as I saw it I wondered how I could have not seen it before. Its plumage was pitch black, standing out starkly against the bright green foliage behind it, and its eyes were flaming red.

     I woke up with a bright light in my eyes and the beeping of a heart monitor ringing in my ears. I tried to move, but my limbs wouldn’t respond. Around me was a white room full of unfamiliar equipment, the most of which I couldn’t see from my place on the operating table. I tried to keep my eyes focused anywhere but at the blinding light above me, but it didn’t help much as the white walls and shiny equipment around me reflected the light back at me anyway.

     The silhouetted figure of what I presumed, at the time, to be a doctor, came over me and said something in a harsh language that I couldn’t understand; before sticking various IVs into the flesh all over my body.

     “What are you doing?” I tried to ask, but I had lost all feeling and control in my face as well and couldn’t speak. I settled, instead, for watching nervously as the dark figure passed out of my line of sight, sticking needles into my numb body as it went. A few moments passed in relative silence as the “doctor” stuck me with more IVs than I had ever seen in one place before; before it spoke again and flipped a switch to the right of the steel bed I was strapped to.

     Pain coursed through my previously completely numb body and I forgot myself in wishing only for immediate death. Time passed slowly as I lay there hurting so much that I couldn’t think, and how long I was lying there I could never tell. The next thing I remember, I was able to move. I raised a hand to wipe sweat from my brow, and was shocked at what I saw. My hand was covered in dark, blue scales and my fingers were long and thin, ending in long black claws. I let out a sharp breath of shock.

     “You’re one of us now, Enthorsam Umarak,” the doctor said in the same harsh tongue as before. The light above me had been dimmed and I could make out the color of her skin now (at least, it seemed to be a female). She had the same dark blue scales covering her body and her eyes were black as night.

     ”Who are you?” I asked in a deep, unrecognizable voice.

     “I am Yimi Kartol. Welcome to Amfalon.”

     I jerked awake and yawned deeply, looking up and down the skyway. These long shifts were beginning to take their toll; I had just been dozing off again. And worse, I had been having another one of those dreams that had been haunting me since I had discovered the majority of my memories missing after my recovery from the battle of Amfir nearly three rotations ago.

     “Enthor, are you there?” Miria’s voice called from over the communicator strapped to my belt. I unhooked the device and held it up to my mouth to speak.

     “I am, Miria. What do you require?” I said casually. Miria may be of higher rank than I, but he and I were friends and had long ago dropped the formalities normally used between city guard and guard captain.

     “Thank the suns you’re there! The Amnal is sending out a party of memorizers for you. I do not know the reason, but I imagined that you would appreciate knowing in advance so that you may react in the way you deem necessary,” Miria said quickly. My hearts sunk and I let out a deep breath of the thin carbon dioxide that covered my home planet. I could think of no reason that the memorizers would be after me, but if they were I would be best far, far away and out of their reach. Though no one knew what they looked like, it was a well known fact that the memorizers took away citizens’ memories for bad deeds they did; and I wanted nothing less than to give up what small bit of memory I had left.

     “I thank you deeply, Miria Rojned. I will not forget you.” I said subtly implying to him that I would be leaving the city immediately.

     “With the winds, my friend,” Miria replied. I shut off the communicator and looked left and right before sprinting in the direction of the nearest city gate. As I ran I heard a mechanical chirping sound to my left that I felt I had heard before though I could not remember when, and I looked over to see the cause of it. There, flying along beside me, was a bird as black as space with eyes like burning flame.

The End

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