The Short Lived Promise.

'C'mon, Sara! You can't slow down, we'll be late for school!' Sam yelled from the edge of our driveway. He was waving like crazy and jumping up and down. Sam hated being late. 

That was one of the many things I remember about him.

'I'm coming! I'm coming! We'll only been about five minutes late, anyway!'I laughed as I shoved on my shoes and did my tie at the same time. He was already walking down the pathway when I got out the house, 'wait up!'

'Okay! Okay!'I smirked as I skipped down the path.

'Let's go this way, it's a short-cut. We just have to cross this road.'He told me, pointing to a busy main road that has heaving with cars.

'How do we do that exactly?'I asked doubtfully.

'Oh, don't be so negative, just follow me!' He shouted over the roaring of the cars. He bounced across the road, his blonde hair that was identical to my own flopping about.

'Hey! Wait up---Oh!'

Something big and blue slammed into my side, it rolled over my legs, crushing all bones that lay in it's wake. A searing pain flashed though my mind.

I screamed. There was too much blood, so much pain. This couldn't be real, I would surely wake up? Wouldn't I?

I couldn't feel my lower torso, and yet the fire that wouldn't leave me burned all of my common sense and my voice was growing hoarse from my shrill screeching.

'Sara! SARA! NO! WHAT THE HELL? THIS...NO! SARA!'A voice shrieked, a voice wracked with sobs. Something cool and wet on my face....not warm like the icky crimson liquid that cover me. It was nice and cold.

'S. . .sam. . .it hurts.  ..Sam. . . I can't. . .No, I don't wanna die. ..don't let me. . .ugh.. .No. . .I don't want to leave.. .I'm still here! . . .no...'I coughed and the blood that was swiftly draining from my body, soaking my hair and the floor, 'Sam. .  .no. . .no. . .was I bad? . ..did.. . did something go wrong? . . .I'm not supposed to die. . .'

I was quickly using my now-half-drained life energy to sob and whimper.

'Sara.. .no, no! No, you can't go! You promised me! You said we'd be together forever!' He cried, weeping over my dying body.

It hurt. It hurt so much. The pain was incredible. It didn't stop. I wasn't supposed to die! No, I can't die.

Why was there so much pain? It's not fair! Anyone but me!

'Sam . .. I love...I love you more than. . . anything. the. ..'

The pain was so harsh my voice was lost, I wasn't dead yet, but I wish I was. This was horrible.

I managed to open my eyes and peer into the face of my beloved twin brother, his cheeks were tear stained and he had a terrified expression on his face. I wanted to brush the droplets away and smile and say I was okay. . .But I couldn't.

The agony I was feeling was too great. . .I wanted to die quicker.

'I love you too, Sara! Promise me you'll watch  me! I love you! Please don't go!'He choked.

My sobbing brothers face and voice was the last thing I saw and heard in the world, the last thing I felt was pure and utter agony before it all went black.

The End

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