Memories forgotten

After waking up and not remembering who he is, Lore Everhunter tries to regain his memories from the help of his friends though he doesn't know who he can trust until he gets his memories back.

Memories forgotten part 1


His eyes flickered he could see a light at first then he started to hear sounds of muffled voices "he's waking up, guys come quick" said the figure next to him, within a few seconds 4 more people came in to the room, he blinked a few times and could make out the shape of two girls and a boy "hey Lore how do you feel?" asked the boy, he blinked a few times and now the people came into view "who?" he asked, "you that's your name, Lore" said the boy, he pushed himself up with his arms and noticed he was hooked up to a drip and some machines, he rubbed his eyes before asking a question "what happened and who are you people?" they all had a look of sadness on their face "seems Carly was right he must have amnesia" said a woman with long dark blue hair, "yeah but I'm sure he can remember who he is over time" this time it was said by a girl who looked the same age as him, "can you tell me who I am and who you are?" asked Lore, "yeah but there's a possibility that he might forget who he is" said another girl who looked the same age as him, "Hey quit talking and tell me who I am" snapped Lore, the room fell silent for a few seconds until the sound of the door opening cut the silence "well well, looks like someone's awake how do you feel, any pain?" asked the woman who sat at the end of his bed "if by pain you mean not being answered, I just want to know who I am and who these people are and now who you are?" said Lore as he rubbed his eyes again, "certainly these are your documents along with your birth certificate, I.D and other personal belongings, take a look through them and then I'll explain the rest like who these people are and by the way my name is Carly" as she finished speaking she gave him a smile and a light brush on his arm before handing him a packet full of papers and items.

He opened the packet and pulled the papers out first, his birth certificate was there with his details; he was 18 years old his name was Lore Everhunter, he put the certificate down and looked at a plastic card with his name and age on again, he realised this was his I.D, after putting it back down he picked up a few of the items, the first was a black rose that had been pressed flat, the second item was a pendant with the letters L, K, R, A and L, the letters were all in silver and looked as though they had been slightly worn out the third item was a bracelet with what looked like a load of flames attached to each other all in silver and black and the fourth item was a photo of him and the people all together except for Carly, she turned round to the others "now you four should introduce yourselves but I will warn you from the tests I got back it seems like he has retrograde amnesia, it might take some time for him to remember who he is or who you are so these items he has might jog his memory or you might be able too but don't pine on it happening straight away It can take some time" said Carly as she looked at her watch and walked out of the room "sorry I have some errands to do so do as I said but don't be too forceful" said Carly as she walked out the room.

There was a silence for a few seconds until Lore spoke up "sorry I snapped at you guys I didn't mean too I was just frustrated" said Lore as he sighed heavily, Katie who was sat next to him placed her hand on his arm "it's ok we were just worried for you, that's all, I'm Katie by the way" her hand was warm and soft against his skin, "I'm rose, hi, I don't know what to say really, I know we're friends but I just don't know what to say" she gave a little wave and had a nervous smile, "I'm Alice, you work in my shop selling magical items and together we do the odd mission or two" Lore blinked and sat silent, a few memories came forward and he could see himself lifting objects up without touching them, he saw glimpses of the people in the room in his memory, "I remember I can use magic and some of the shop, you were all there" said Lore, "you use telekinesis that's how you lift objects up without touching them, I'm Leo by the way"  he stood there with his arms folded and a look of worry on his face, "so can you explain to me more of who I am and how I got here?" asked Lore, "certainly" said Alice as she sat at the end of the bed, she explained most of the stuff he couldn't remember as did Rose, Katie and Leo, a few hours passed and they had been explaining many things to Lore, "So this is how we ended up here in this room with you" said Alice, Lore was feeling happy but felt the need to be cautious, he couldn't tell whether they were telling the truth not until he got his memory's back, as he finished his thought the door opened, it was Carly again "sorry guys but he has to get some rest, you'll be able to visit him tomorrow" said Carly.

The four left waving a little goodbye to Lore as Carly stood at the door, she looked at Lore, his head looking down, he looked up at her and smiled "erm.. Is there a time that I'm leaving this place" asked Lore, Carly smiled and looked at his chart, "well were going to put you on another drip this time which will help you regain some of that muscle back into your legs and arms so by tomorrow you should be able to leave, though I recommend you let those four help you just in case" said Carly still smiling, "ok but you're sure about this, me going back to wherever it is I'm going too?" asked Lore,  "yes I looked at the results from earlier after that drip I'll give you some medicine to take which you will take over a period of two weeks then you'll come back here for another check-up, now relax and get some rest, my assistant will be in soon to change your drip, she has red hair so don't be alarmed if you wake up and see her" said Carly, she walked out the room and closed the door, the room was silent and smelled of lemon, he picked up the items he had been given earlier and looked at them again hoping a memory would return, he tried for ten minutes focusing on the items but nothing happened, he put them back into the packet and placed them at the side of his bed, as he did he laid back down and looked at the ceiling before closing his eyes.

As he woke up he opened his eyes and saw a dim orange light fading through the blinds, it was sunrise, he looked to his left and saw where the drip was this time the fluid was blue, he worried and pondered whether to take out the needle as he didn't know what was in that but then he was scared he would mess it up and pull it out wrong, he decided to leave it in and wait for Carly.

He looked to his right and saw a small pile of magazines with a note on top of them "thought you might like some reading material in case you woke up early or you got bored, yours sincerely, Jessica" Lore mustered a guess that this "Jessica" was Carly's assistant, he picked up the magazines and read through them, it was now around 10'oclock in the morning and Lore was still awake reading the magazines, the door opened and Carly walked through "Morning Lore I see Jessica provided you with reading material" said Carly as she picked up one of the magazines, "I'm going to try a test on you to see if your muscles are back as well as your reflexes so first off pass me your arm" said Carly, Lore stuck out his right arm and she poked it lightly with a needle, "ow that hurt" said Lore puling his arm back, "right now your leg" said Carly as she moved the blanket to reveal his leg, as she did she poked as she did the arm and again Lore quickly pulled his leg back, "well from what I can tell you should be fine to walk but I'd prefer it if you wait for your friends to get visit you, they'll be excited that you can leave" said Carly smiling, as the room went silent she looked at her watch and walked out of the room jotting down some notes, Lore sat there again in silence before pushing his fingers together and making any shape he could, he continued doing this for five minutes and soon stopped, he patted his legs through the top of the blanket and pulled them up to him, he felt weird at first but soon got used to it.

He occupied himself for another hour trying to remember something but nothing came to him, it was now 11 o'clock and as the clock ticked over Leo, Katie, Rose and Alice walked in, Katie and Alice smiled while Leo had the same look as yesterday as did Rose, "seems like you can go home from what Carly told us, that's good" said Alice sitting at the end of the bed, "come on Lore we'll get you out of here now maybe seeing your house will jog your memory" said Leo as he helped Lore get out of the bed, Lore stood for the first time and soon felt light headed, he felt a sensation run past his eyes and down his body as he did he fell forward slightly, Leo caught him and Katie came over and took his left arm and put it over her shoulder while grabbing his waist with her right hand, "don't worry we've got you until you feel ready to walk by yourself" said Katie, Lore gave a weak smile as he slightly regained his balance and for the first time he noticed he had been wearing clothes since he woke up, he wondered who put them on but soon dismissed the thought, as he did the four took him out from the room slowly walking with him until they got to the large doors, "I think I can walk now, my legs feel a bit better" said Lore, Leo and Katie let go of him slowly while Lore stood up, he felt light but good and began to move himself, as they walked on with Lore Katie walked close next to him just in case he lost his balance, they kept on walking down a street that was deserted, the wind blew down gently dragging a small piece of trash along, Alice looked behind her at Katie and Lore "Katie can you look after Lore for a few minutes I just remembered that the package I ordered should be here today, also Rose and Leo I need you two to help me with it" said Alice, "yeah sure, I'll take him somewhere to sit down" said Katie smiling, "ok Rose, Leo come with me" said Alice as she quickly walked off with the other two following behind her.

Lore felt his legs going lighter and soon started to wobble, as he did Katie noticed and locked her arm around his "come on there's a bench around the corner, you used to go there a lot" said Katie tightening her hold on his arm, slowly they made their way round the corner and to the bench, Katie helped him sit down on the bench and sat down next to him, just as she did Lore's stomach rumbled "seems you didn't eat much at Carly's, wait here and I'll bring you back something to eat" said Katie pulling out a little purse full of change, she stood up smiling and noticed a food vendor just down the street, as she made her way to the vendor Lore sat still at the bench looking at the view he supposedly used to look at, all he saw was a bunch of buildings with some smashed windows although below was a new wall with a flowerbed bursting with colours, he focused on this surrounding for a few seconds before sighing and yawning.

"Not really the best view to look at now is it eh Lore" said a voice, Lore turned his head and saw a man of 20 sitting next to him, "word around is you've lost your memory, is that true?" said the man, Lore sat there silent looking at the man, something seemed to radiate from him but Lore couldn't figure out what it was "these people you're with at the moment, are you sure they're your friends, how can you know maybe you used to know me" "don't forget me" said a voice now of a woman, Lore turned his head to his left to see a woman sitting next to him, she looked around the same age as the man next to him, she put her hand on Lore's cheeks and looked into his eyes, her stare pierced him, making him feel cold "surely you must remember me Lore, the times we used to hang out just sat around looking at the sky" Lore pulled her hand away from his face, "I don't know who you are but what do you want with me?" asked Lore looking at both the man and woman, "oh Lore we just want you back, we're your real friends, come on don't tell me you can't remember us, all the time we spent together, the laughter, those... moments" said the woman as she put her arm around him pulling him closer to her, Lore blushed feeling a lot lighter than before but this wasn't head rush "all we're saying is be weary of those people, they could be tricking you" said the man, "so if you're my real friends why don't just take me with you now?" questioned Lore, "well we can't just do that, those people you're with would chase us down and well you don't want to see your friends get hurt do you" said the woman who still had her arm around him, "so think about what we just said, we can't just take you because they would chase us, but if you were to leave willingly and come back to us then everything would be fine, now I'm sorry but we must depart since it seems like your friend is coming back" said the man, Lore looked down the street and saw Katie walking back with some food and drink, he turned to his right to see the man had disappeared as had the woman.

Lore turned pale, what happened, who were those people and who were the people that he had first met, could he trust them, Katie stood in front of him smiling "here eat up and  drink this" said Katie, Lore took the sausage roll carefully as well as the drink and placed them next to himself, "after this we'll take you to the shop, your house is just across the road from it" said Katie as she fumbled around with her small purse, she went to put the change she had left over into it but most of it spilled out and rolled across the pavement, she ran after it quickly picking it up, as her back was turned an arm reached into his jacket pocket and placed a small card, he turned round and saw the woman who had just been sat next to him, she smiled at him and gave him a small kiss on the lips "call me" said the woman as she winked and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Katie finished collecting her change from the floor, "sorry about that, so how are you feeling" asked Katie as she sat down next to him and putting her purse back into a pocket, "I'm ...I'm good, just still getting used to this" replied Lore, "well that's good, eat up the others will be wanting to see you more" said Katie smiling, he didn't smile as the thought from those people he just met was running around in his head, he ate the sausage roll and finished off the water bottle in a matter of minutes, as he did Katie placed them in a bin nearby for him and then helped him back up, again she put a tight grip around his arm but Lore didn't care for this, he still didn't know whether he could trust them or not, he wanted to pull away but her arms were soft and warm despite it being slightly cold or maybe that was just him, he let her keep her hold on him as she guided him back to the shop.

She opened the door to the shop and a bell rang, this triggered a memory in Lore instantly, he saw himself walking through the shop door with Leo and Rose behind him, he could hear muffled voices in the memory but he seemed to be angry as did the other two, he took a deep breath and looked at the inside of the shop, at the back there was a selection of books, to the right of the shop was a bunch of items that looked as though they had been used or they had rusted up, on the left was packets of papers containing seals different from each other all lined up neatly, to the back there was a counter and a chair that peeked over it, behind it laid a katana resting against the wall, the handle was a mixture of blue and black while the blade itself was sharpened to perfection, silver ran up the blade bouncing light off round the shop, "hey guys are you here?" shouted Katie, Lore heard footsteps as Leo, Rose and Alice came out from behind the counter, "oh finally you're back come on round the back" said Alice as she walked over to Lore linking her arm around his right arm just as Katie had done with his left arm when walking back, as he was led into the back room Katie leant her head on his left shoulder giving a light smile, they walked through a door and into a large room, the carpet was brown, dark red sofas, a large T.V in the corner of the room and in the center of the room was a coffee table with a vase of flowers.

Lore looked at one of the sofas and noticed a black three quarter length leather jacket and a black trilby hat, "now that you're back we can give you your old jacket and hat back" said Alice as she picked up the two items and gave them to him, Lore put down the jacket and hat and pulled out the items he had been given at the hospital along with the card from the woman, he managed to hide the small card with the items and quickly took off the jacket he'd been wearing, he handed it to Katie who folded it, Lore put on the jacket first, It felt comfortable as though it was hugging him, he picked up the items and placed them in his pockets, he managed to hide the card again from the four, he picked up his hat and put it on, it fit snugly on top of his head, "ooh now that's better you look yourself again" said Alice, "yeah you look better now though you do seem to be looking a bit pale" said Katie as she put her hand on his forehead, "his temperature seems to be normal I can't really tell what it is, could have been that sausage roll he had" said Katie with a small look of concern in her eyes, "he's probably just getting used to walking around, he's been in a bed for two weeks, let's just focus on him getting his memory back" said Rose.

They led Lore out of the shop and over the road to what was apparently his house, they walked in through the front door and took off their shoes, Lore stepped onto the white carpet and even through the socks he was wearing he could feel the comfort of it, he looked up the stairs noticing some small paintings hanging from the wall and as he looked down the hall he could make out food that was wrapped up on the countertop of the kitchen, "take a look around, see if it jogs your memory" said Leo, Lore walked round running his hand across the walls, he made his way into the living room seeing a large black leather sofa, a T.V on a glass stand, and a coffee table in the center with magazines strewed over it.

They came into the room and sat down as did he, he sat still for a few seconds before asking some more questions like what he actually did and the biggest question playing on him at that point, what was he like before the amnesia, they explained to him what it was he did which was look after the shop, sell items to customers and procure items to sell in the shop, he did this job with Rose, Katie and Leo, then they began to explain how he was before the amnesia, "you were kind of  an angry person, don't know why you just were, we were your friends and you kind of used to take that anger out on us, mostly  mock us or argue with us, you and Leo used to have very intense arguments not even Alice could stop you two" said Katie, "true, at one point we smashed each other around, that was a pretty bad day" said Leo, "well that's in the past now, hopefully you don't end up like that again but please remember us, I mean there were times when you could be nice" said Alice, they talked some more and the time flew by, "whoa is that the time, I best be closing the shop up, Lore you're not in tomorrow and neither are you three" said Alice as she stood up, she hugged Lore and walked out of the house closing the door behind her, Katie and Rose hugged Lore and both whispered "it's good to have you back", Leo gave Lore a handshake and followed the other two out, as they left he picked up the phone next to the sofa and pulled out the card from earlier, he put in the digits and waited until it picked up "yes" asked the woman, "hey it's me Lore, can I just talk with you for a bit round at mine" he asked, "sure, I'll come over now, I already know your address" said the woman as she hung up the phone, now all he had to do was wait.

The End

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