Chapter 3 - The Crimson DressMature

After that stocking talk with Lord Baneclaw I found myself talking to Zander in the corridor. I rambled on about how unbelievable becoming a royal was and how it was a once in a lifetime thing! This was the first time I had been happy in a long, long time! However, at the same time that curious part of me wondered if me becoming a royal would really bring me happiness. I continuously tried to wave off that feeling. I did want to become a royal after all. The first Orihunt in 100 years to become a royal again!

I stopped myself from boring Zander any longer but as I looked into his eyes he seemed content to my rambling on about becoming a royal, like he was amused by it and had waited for this moment. Like he saw it coming. I smiled at Zander and he smiled back a sweet smile that not only seemed to make my joy increase but also seemed to make my heart rate slow down. And then out of nowhere, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. Why did I do that? To hug a guard… that was risky! To my surprise, Zander hugged me back! I then fully realised what I had done. I pulled away calmly, eyes wide. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean–“ Zander then cut me off, “You don’t need to apologize, it’s ok!” I began speaking in worry, “You don’t understand if someone saw us–“ He cut me off, again! “Hey! You’re a royal! You can do whatever you wish now.” He said. I became calm again. How could I forget? Almost no rules apply when you’re royalty (That’s what I had heard anyway). He then began to speak phlegmatically, “I have something for you.” He picked up a white flower decorated box, opened the lid and handed me a white lace-up corset and crimson ankle-length dress that would exposed my chest and was lined with sewed-on rose chains at the hems and undersleeves that exposed the shoulders. “I thought since you’re basically a princess and a royal that you should at least dress like one.” Zander mentioned handing me a pair of pure white gloves and crimson shoes to match the dress. “The lord’s advisors ordered this for you but I thought I should deliver it since I am assigned to be your new guard.” He added smiling hopefully. I was speechless! Well, not entirely! I smiled at him and our eyes locked when I made eye contact, “I love it! Thank you, Zander.” I thanked Zander placing my new clothes to replace my sandbag dress in the decorated box. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him once more, and then something strange happened. Just as I wrapped my arms around him, his lips came to mine. I got a shock at first but as his kiss consumed me, I found my eyelids drifting closed as I kissed him back with anticipation. He wrapped his arms around my waist. Heat shot through me like his touch was all that mattered in the world. Wait, what was I doing? I was kissing a guard! Even worst, I was kissing a Valgus, in public! Orihunt where forbidden to have any romantic interaction with Valgus. He seemed to feel the same, I felt his arms suddenly push me away and we broke from the kiss. “You shouldn’t have kissed me!” I yelled, not wanting to be bothered by it. “I wasn’t the one who started kissing you!” Zander retorted. I ignored his answer and stepped away from him, “Don’t ever do that again! If anyone saw us I am in trouble. You know the rules!” I yelled but still making sure I don’t attract attention. “Oh well, I’m sorry your greatness. I just though since you kissed me!” Zander yelled back. “Stop it! I don’t what to start arguing with you!” I begged. Zander looked at me with bewilderment and if I was actually real. “You’re a royal now, but I didn’t know you’d stoop so low this quickly.” I grimaced at his words, I replied, “This isn’t my fault!”
“Not your fault? Wha– y’know what, never mind.”
 I picked up the box of clothing Zander gave me. “Fine!” I said, then I ran off.

I finally got to my new room after I had to ask Lord Baneclaw’s advisors where my new room was. I couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. Of course, I had faked the anger that led him to think I was angry with him for kissing me but really, I wanted that kiss to last forever! That was an emotion I rarely ever feel. It wasn’t just one emotion though, it was like tons of emotions at once: love, passion, happiness, hunger. I lost control to all those emotions. I frowned, slapping myself hard across the face. ‘Am I seriously falling for a Valgus?’ I thought to myself. I leant against the door to my room, resting one hand on the lock. “Come on, Antoinette. Pull yourself together. You can’t seriously be falling in love with a Valgus.” I said to myself locking the door behind me whilst continuing to lean on it. I took my hand off the lock and dropped it back down to my side. I carried the decorated box to a plush crimson Victorian style bed dropping the box on the velvet covers. I opened the box taking out the outfit that Zander had given to me, the musty smell of old book pages filled my nose. The scent didn’t bother me, in fact – I loved the smell of old stuff that had been stored away since the good old days. As I got into my corset and so on, I continuously thought of my Grandfather’s face if some royal told him about Zander and me kissing in the corridor. It was easy for me to imagine but a horrifying sight to see. Even worst: now that I thought of it, I couldn’t get the image out of my head!

After getting dressed into my new clothes I heard a voice on an intercom that was attached to the wall above my dresser. “Lady Antoinette, you are needed in the royal hall at once.” A female voice informed me. “Coming!” I said even though I knew she wasn’t there anymore. I slipped on a black short cardigan I found in the closet just before heading out the door.

I casually walked down the hall still raking my hair behind my ears to blend with the other female royals I saw in the corridor. In the end I just left my hair in the original style it was in and began to power walk down the corridor. I never tied my hair up. I didn’t even cut my bangs so they wouldn’t get in my eyes. I just let my hair fall into place. My hair wasn’t wild not even when I awoke in the morning (that was because I didn’t move around much in my sleep). Before the enslavement, I was often complimented about my hair. People use to say stuff like “your hair is beautiful” or “I love the colour” – which was of course, black (a very boring colour in my opinion). As I turned the corner I saw two guards standing on both sides of a familiar door from not too long ago. I smirked seeing that one of the guards was the one that hit me with a mace. He looked up at me our eyes locking as we made eyes contact. I saw a fire grow in his eyes as we stared at each other. I could see he knew I was a royal now. He snarled at me and growled like a wolf, his eyes scowling with ferociousness. I saw his canines grow longer and sharper than before. Although, I was not phased by it and I think he noticed because for whatever reason I suddenly burst out laughing. I stopped in my tracks laughing at the somewhat “threat” from the guard. The guard’s face fell but the scowl still stayed in his blood-driven eyes. “You might not want to do that, or I’ll have you sacked.” I said to him, smirking. “You will never be a royal. No matter what! No matter how much you try! Orihunt were bred to be slaves, and you know it as well as anyone! Everything will fall into chaos once new blood is created.”             

The End

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